Zippyshare not working? Stuck? Here’s how to solve


Is Zippyshare closed? stuck? unreachable? obscured? If you visit Zippyshare, do you get a page with error 403? Here’s how to get to and see the Zippyshare website.

The popular Zippyshare file hosting service is not available in some country. Contrary to widespread rumors, ISPs are not responsible for the “block” and above all, there is no new address to reach the site

Instead, it seems that Zippyshare is actively blocking visitors, intentionally or not. Without an official word from the operators, the question remains; why?


Founded in 2006, Zippyshare has garnered an impressive user base over the years. While the first competitors like Rapidshare, Hotfile, and Megaupload are now closed, the free file hosting service has continued to prosper.

The site currently has millions of daily visitors from all over the world. There are also significant numbers from some countries, where it is one of the most used download portals and one of the few currently not blocked by the finance guard.

However, starting from a few days, some visitors are no longer able to access the site. Instead of the usual download page, they are greeted by a “403 Forbidden” error message in their browsers.

This mysterious block has led to numerous complaints and unanswered questions on the Internet.

Some suspected a copyright block but Zippyshare has always been one of the most cooperative file sharing services regarding removal requests. And the official blocks do not usually generate a 403 error.


Zippyshare is blocked for visitors, here’s how to solve the problem to visit the site again

Without an official explanation from Zippyshare, we can only guess what the real reason for the blocking of visitors is. However, regardless of who created the block, there is always a way around it. Visitors from some part of the world can still access the site using a simple method that we are going to explain.

To solve the problem, just use a very simple and safe method. It’s called Hidemyass, a website with a free online tool, which allows you to hide your IP and surf anonymously.


Operation is very simple. Once we get to the home page of the Hidemyass site, we need to paste in the first empty field “Enter the URL of the site you want to access” the link to the file we want to download to Zippyshare.

At this point, just choose in the “connect via” section a country that has free access to the Zippyshare site. You can choose for example the United States because at the moment they do not present any block to the site.

Now all you have to do is click on “accept and connect” and the Zippyshare page will open with the file ready to be downloaded.

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