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To archive or compress files is now very easy with the help of Zarchiver Pro Apk. This application will help you in changing the size of the file that used to tend to be large to be smaller so that it saves storage.

In addition, small files can be easily sent or opened. Check out the explanation below to find other features of the Pro version of Zarchiver. There is also a download link if you want to use it.

What is Zarchiver Pro?


The Zarchiver Pro application is a file or folder manager application or can also be used as file management with all formats. The developer of this m0d apk is Zdevs which is very popular and has been downloaded by more than 50 million android users.

Besides being able to change the format as mentioned, you can also make the format as mentioned. Especially if you’ve ever downloaded a file with the extension mentioned above, then you have to convert it to a format that can be read. Just say it’s like a large game file that you have downloaded.

To extract files so that they can be opened and installed, you can rely on this application to extract the files. Because usually, the default smartphone file management application is rarely able to extract or create zip, rar files, and so on.

In addition, you can easily combine several documents into one folder, such as doc, pdf, xls, and others.

App Name Zarchiver Pro
Developer Zdevs
Version 0.9.4
Operating system 4+
Updates 8 July 2020

Functions of Zarchiver Pro Apk

There are so many functions that Zarchiver Pro, such as – can run

1. Create files with various formats

Zarchiver Premium gives you the convenience of archiving or saving files and folders with various extensions such as 7zip, zip, tar, bzip2, gzip, and others.

2. Extract various types of archives

This application also has a function to change the format or extract file formats such as Zip, Rar, tar, wim, gzip, dem, rpm, etc. After the file is described, the file will change to the type of file you want, for example, mp4, ak, exe and others.

3. Create and compress files with a password

You can lock files or folders with a password. So that other people can’t open your files without the correct password.

4. Edit archive

You can use the Zarchiver apk to edit the archives you have. You can add or remove files you want in the archive.

5. Opening Archive from email

Zarchiver Premium helps you to open archives received from emails. You just give the command open without having to download the archive.


6. Extract the split archive

When you are downloading a file, and it happens to be very large, it could be that the file is split. This apk helps you to extract files into one complete archive.

Zarchiver VS Zarchiver Pro

Zarchiver Vs Zarchiver Pro
Zarchiver Vs Zarchiver Pro

Zarchiver is a file manager application that has 2 versions, namely Zarchiver original and Zarchiver Pro. If you want to get unlimited access to explore this application further, first read the differences in the table below.

Zarchiver Original Zarchiver Pro
The ability to archive file types is limited. Able to archive various types of files without any limitations.
Only some types of archives are able to be deciphered. Able to parse all types of archives without any limitations.
Only the contents of certain archive formats can be seen. All archive formats can be viewed contents.
Cannot create and compress files with password security. Can compress files using the password security.
Can do archive editing with certain formats only. Can do editing on various forms of archives.
The ability to open compressed files is limited, only files with certain formats. Can open compressed files in all formats.
It cannot and does not support if it is used to decompress multipart archives. Can be used to create and decompress multipart archives at will.
Ability to extract archives that are split with certain formats or are limited. It fully supports if used to extract split archives of all kinds of formats.

If you look at the explanation of the table above, surely you will prefer Zarchiver Pro compared to the original version, right?

Before you download the free Zarchiver pro apk application, we will discuss more about the features of this application.

Features of Zarchiver Pro

Zarchiver Pro Features
Zarchiver Pro Features

Being one of the best file or folder processing applications that many users download, it has features that are not found in similar applications.

What features does this application provide to its users?

General Features

  • It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and understand.
  • You can change the appearance of the application theme that you can choose, namely a dark theme and a light theme.
  • Avoid annoying advertisements because the pro version of this application is not filled with outstanding advertisements.
  • Capable of processing encrypted or password-protected files.
  • It has full multi-thread support for multi-core CPUs on smartphones.
  • It fully supports standard file management.
  • It can be used to open files in your email application.
  • Able to edit files as a whole.
  • Able to extract files from various types of files such as Zip, RAR, and so on.

Main feature

  • It has full support for multi-threads which is very useful for devices with multi-core processor specifications.
  • It strongly supports renaming files with national characters with UTF – 8 / UTF -16 it has.
  • When you want to select a file, you don’t need to activate the multi-select mode because you can simply click the icon to the left of the file name to select the file you want.

How to Download Zarchiver Pro

Download Zarchiver Pro
Download Zarchiver Pro

To get the pro version of this application, you have to download Zarchiver for android manually because the Google Play Store does not provide a pro version for free and only provides a paid pro version.

For how to download it, you can follow the steps that we have summarized below.

  • First, make sure the device you are using is connected to the internet.
  • Open the browser that you will use.
  • Sign in or click the download link below.
  • When the download process is running, it will usually take some time.
  • Relax while waiting for your file download to finish.

Download Link


How to Install Zarchiver Pro

To make it easier to install files in m0d form like the application you will install, you can follow the steps below.

  • Before carrying out the installation process, make sure that the permission to install from unknown sources is active.
  • If not, you need to activate it by going to the settings menu on the smartphone you are using. Then select the security menu – Enable Unknown Sources.
  • After the above preparation is complete, look for the downloaded file folder.
  • Then find the Zarchiver application file, click and install it.
  • Done, you can already use the Zarchiver application on your smartphone,

How to Use Zarchiver Pro

Use Zarchiver Pro
Use Zarchiver Pro

One of the reasons many people choose a file or folder processing application using Zarchiver is its ability to extract and compress various types of files.

For how to use Zarchiver, you can follow the steps below.

1. How to Extract Files

  • Make sure you have a Zip or RAR file or prepare a Zip or Rar file before extracting the file.
  • Next, open the Zarchiver application on your smartphone.
  • Look for the file with the format you were going to install earlier.
  • Press and hold a few moments until several options for the next action appear.
  • Click
  • Wait a few moments until the file extract process is complete.
  • Done, the Zip or Rar format file that you extracted earlier is ready to use.

2. How to Compress Files

  • Open the Zarchiver application that you have.
  • Next, find and select the file you want to compress.
  • Press and hold the file for a few moments until the next action option appears.
  • Then click
  • Wait a few moments until the compression process is complete.
  • Done, the file that you have successfully compressed is ready for you to use.

How to use as above is the basic way of using Zarchiver only.

To further optimize the use of this application, you can study it along with the intensity of using this application.


Other Versions of the Zarchiver App

Zarchiver Pro App
Zarchiver Pro App

There are various choices of Zarchiver versions; you can choose them according to your needs.

  • Zarchiver Donate Apk
  • Zarchiver pro 0.8.4 apk
  • Zarchiver pro 0.6.7 apk
  • Zarchiver pro apk home
  • Zarchiver pro apk orange color

Zarchiver Pro Apk is very useful for those who like to download or upload multiple files simultaneously with a smartphone. With just one application, you can convert it to and to various types of file extensions.

Moreover, you don’t have to bother opening and closing your laptop or PC to see the results of extracting or compressing the file. Even though the features obtained are more complete than the original version, it would be better to keep using the original Zarchiver version.