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Zamob is a great platform that serves different types of content for free. Including Zamob Music, Games, TV Series, Applications, Wallpapers, Apps Store, and more. And it even doesn’t charge any amount in exchange for serving this content. Anyone can access the Zamob and save contents on their device for free of cost. You also don’t require to signup there. Just visit the website and access a hell lot of premium content for free.

This article will teach you how you can download Zamob Music, Games, TV series, and apps. It isn’t going to be easy; however, there are some important points that you have to keep in mind before you start downloading stuff from there. You don’t have to worry about anything because we will guide you every step here. So, let’s get started.

What is Zamob?

Zamob is the largest South African mobile web portal that provides free & Unlimited downloading of South African mp3 music, Android Apps & Games, Java games, and videos. If I especially talk about videos, you will get every video clip from it super high-quality with optimized file size. You will need to spend a minimal amount of your Internet data to download high-quality videos. It is actually very famous for providing high-quality videos and music and well-known in South Africa, Nigeria.

Not only videos and music, but it also has a huge collection of other popular content like HD Wallpapers, Android games, etc. And with just a few clicks, you can download them for free. To help you know more about Zamob, let me share some of its awesome features.


Features of Zamob

Previously, I have explained pretty much about the Zamob web portal. Also, now you know what it actually provides to users. Let me show you some of its best features so that you will know the true nature, and it is also going to help you navigate the site efficiently. So, here are the features of the Zamob Web portal:

1. Search Bar

Zamob Search Bar

Find specific content on sites that are loaded with too many files is not easy. And it becomes too hard when there is no way to search for content. Fortunately, a search bar on the Zamob website is well customized for finding the right file. And the search result will show as per your search keyword. You have to write the name of the content or file you are looking for and press the enter button. In seconds, you will be able to see the results of your search keyword. This way, you can save your time to find files on Zamob too.

2. Access Zamob in your Native Language

The types of content it’s providing are not specifically for South Africa; it’s for worldwide users. And so someone is probably not comfortable with the default language English. In this case, one can translate the whole website in their own native language with a few clicks. There are more than 10 languages are available to translate the website instantly. Languages like Hindi, Romanian, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, Espanol, Deutsch, French, and more. The translator is placed at the Zamob website’s footer, just tap on it and select the language you want to translate the website. Once you select the language, it will automatically get reloaded in your selected language.

3. Explore Contents Easily

After you visit the Zamob website, the very first thing you will see which catches your eyes is Zamob Downloads. Under this section, you will find all the types of content Zamob providing. You will usually see options like Games, Zamob Music, Videos Clips, TV Series, Applications, Wallpapers, etc. You will find tons of latest and old content related to the category by just tapping on any option. And you can also get the download option by tapping on particular content. The same you can do by using the toggle menu from the top corner.

4. Directly Watch & listen to Videos and Music

Watch Zamob Videos

Sometimes you may prefer just watching videos or music directly instead of saving the file and then watch. Well, Zomob allows its users to stream before actually downloading. This can help you to ensure whether the file you are going to download is right or wrong. To directly watch & listen to videos and music, you have to click on any music or video download button. Then a new tab will get opened where that file will automatically start playing. You can pause, resume, and even forward. That’s an excellent feature that I liked on Zamob.

I think now you know very much about Zamob, now let’s come to the main topic. It’s how you can download Zamob Music, Games, and other content from Zamob. Well, let me guide you right now.

How To Download Zamob Music, Games, TV Series, And Apps FREE

So, I’m finally going to guide you on downloading Music and other media files from the Zamob website. But before that, you must have some things. Below I listed the requirement you must have to download files from Zamob.



  • A computer or Laptop (You may use your Android, but you will struggle).
  • Google Chrome Browser installed with an Adblocker extension active.
  • Decent internet connection for downloading the files.
  • Download Manager if possible (Optional).

After having these three-four important requirements, you can proceed with the downloading steps.

Step By Step Process to Download Music, Games, and other files From Zamob:

  1. First, open the Google Chrome Browser on your computer and make sure the Adblocker plugin is active.
  2. Visit the Zamob website.
  3. Explore and select a particular content type from the Zamob download section.
  4. Suppose you want to download games; tap on the Games from the section to explore all the games Zamob has on their website.
  5. Now, you can choose the game from the list which you want to download. After, tap on the game to be able to access the download button.
  6. In the next tab, you will see other details like game file size, description, genre, and other details along with the download button.Zamob
  7. Scroll down on the page and click on the download link. Now, you will be redirected to a new page where your file will automatically start running if you are downloading music or video.
  8. Click on the three dots and select the download option to start downloading the file.
  9. That’s it.

That’s how you can download any file from the Zamob website. While following these steps, make sure that the Adblocker extension is active on your Google Chrome Browser. I why telling you this is because Zamob has a ton of ads running on their site, and whenever you click on the site, a new unnecessary page will get opened, which will be flooded with Ads.

If possible, use the strick Adblocker mode so you can avoid all the time-wasting on the site. You will literally get frustrated due to too many pop-up ads. So, if you have something that can block all the unnecessary requests on the blog, you should deploy it here for downloading files without any problem.

How to Access Zamob Website if it is blocked in your Country

Because of its nature of providing premium files for free of cost, some country has completely banned it. And due to this, some of you may not be able to access the site from your device. But you can access the Zamob website even if your country blocks it. If you are an Internet user, then VPN word is probably familiar to you. Isn’t it?


With VPN, you can connect to other country’s servers and access the Zamob website and its content. For suggestion, I always use the iNinja Proxy VPN extension in my Google Chrome Browser. It can instantly help you to get connected with other country’s servers. After that, you can access the website and download contents from there.

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Zamob is a good website for downloading premium content free of cost. But you have to prepare yourself before you actually start visiting and downloading files from there. In some countries, you may not be able to access the website, and the only option that will be left is to use a VPN. But overall, it’s good for free consumers! If you frequently search for free premium content, I highly recommend visiting the Zamob website. You will really find it interesting, and in this article, I have guided you enough to download files from there. So, you will not face any issues.

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