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The internet is now home to several piracy sites with various content of pirated movies and TV shows, and users find them very useful. Even if these illegal websites like YTS MX keep getting banned from offering free movies and TV series for users to download, they always end up coming back.

As you already know, most movie lovers tend to avoid the expenses that come with subscriptions or the cinema, which is why piracy sites are always available to save the day by leaking various new movies even before they get released.

One of the websites to make this happen is YTS MX – a free torrent platform for several movie lovers who are always on the lookout for the latest films. Over the years, the website has attracted lots of fans who stay loyal to the content it has to offer, and this stance is not looking to change anytime soon.

All You Should Know About YTS MX:

YTS MX is one of the leaders of the movie leaking game, and it was launched in 2010 by tech guru Yiftach Swery. It was originally named YIFY and it mainly leaked English, Chinese and Japanese films, however, Yif soon retired and transferred ownership of the site, hence the change of name.

YTS MX is home to lots of copyrighted content that can be downloaded for free, and fans of Hollywood/Bollywood will definitely appreciate being able to download the latest movies and TV series on its homepage.

Why YTS MX Is Unique:

The YTS MX website is designed to suit both PC and mobile usage. In fact, its homepage is home to popular downloads on the website, plus you’ll be able to see the most recent movies that are viewed on the website.

Users will also be able to search for the movie of their choice according to its genre, year of release, quality, and so on. The website even reveals the stars earned by a film and its genre once the cursor is pointed at it.

Download YIFY HD Movies In The Smallest Size On YTS:

YIFY is a movie release group, and its influence in the movie scene is super commendable. If you’re not aware, YTS is the abbreviation for YIFY Torrent Solutions, and it focuses on films while uploading content in 720p, 1080p, 2160p 4K, and 3D quality. To download, just adhere to these instructions:

  • Head to “” and then search for the film of your choice that you want to download. Know the exact quality (720p, 1080p, HD) that you want for the movie you intend to watch.
YTS MX Download YIFY HD Movies
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  • Tap on the movie poster you wish to download for more information about the film. Tap “Download” and choose the movie quality of your choice.
YTS MX Download YIFY HD Movies
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  • After downloading the YIFY movies torrent from the YIFY movies website, get the torrent open with your torrent client and download the movie.

Movies Leaked By YTS MX:

Like I explained above, several Hollywood films have been leaked by this popular movie platform in the past, including Avengers- Endgame, Ford v Ferrari, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, The Lion King e.t.c. In fact, the website is known for offering free Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hooq, Ullu content too. Even TV series like Stranger Things series, The Punisher, Daredevil have not been spared.

Has YTS MX Been Banned?

Because movie piracy is seen as completely illegal all over the world, sites like YTS MX do get banned from time to time. However, despite government efforts to prevent the leak of movies on such platforms, YTS MX and co simply continue to change their domain extension from .com. .uz, .on, e.t.c to bypass any ban.

By so doing, YTS MX has never stopped engaging in their illegal movie deeds, and users remain delighted since they keep having access to the best content for free. The government keeps taking decisive steps to get rid of piracy totally though, and as at 2019, any Indian seen recording a movie without the written consent of the content owners can face up to 3 years in jail. In fact, anyone caught sharing pirated copies on illegal torrent websites can also expect a serious jail term as punishment.

What Is YIFY?

YIFY is a torrent site that later changed its name to YTS, and it lets users upload high-quality movie files that other users can download and watch at the comfort of their homes to avoid paying huge fees at movie theatres.

Play YIFY Movies Without YIFY Codec Pack Issue:

If you’re battling any YIFY Codec Pack issue, it could be that you’ve been deceived by the site you downloaded the source from. Sadly, there are various YIFY-related information on the internet, and you can easily fall prey to a fake YIFY torrent site and get prompted to download the “YIFY movies official codec pack,” which might be home to malicious spyware programs.

The fact is that you shouldn’t worry about downloading the YIFY codec pack to play YIFY films because there are 100% clean assured YIFY video converters that convert YIFY films and make them super playable on your favorite device without any YIFY codec pack. Just search for a reputable one & it’ll get the job done.

Play YIFY Movies Perfectly On Devices:

At times, you might not be able to play your favorite YIFY movies downloaded in MKV on your iOS, Android devices, PS4 and Xbox One, or maybe you downloaded a format that is not supported by the device you own, not to worry, using a good enough YIFY video converter to convert YIFY movie format to your devices supported formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP or MPEG is very possible.

One video converter that comes to mind is WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, and it can actually convert YIFY movies to more than three hundred video formats. Just download this converter here and install it on your computer. Be aware that it works superbly on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista. Adhere to these instructions to use it:

  • Tap “Converter” and then “Add Files” to import your YIFY torrent clips into the program or simply drag and drop. You’ll be allowed to add various clips at a time.
  • Open output format list to choose a video format, and you’ll also be able to select a particular device. Meaning, the developer has taken care of optimal video audio parameters for lots of devices in this software.
  • Tap “Run” to begin the entire process.

Websites To Download YIFY Movies Subtitles:

1. Opensubtitles:

This is a platform that offers the largest subtitle database online right now. This site supports almost all languages, and users are allowed to search by year, movie type, nation, and so on. In fact, the platform is multilingual and very comfortable to work with for users from across the globe.

2. Subscene:

This platform possesses a brilliant browser to search subtitles for YIFY or other films. It’ll reveal all information about the subtitle file, and the downloads will even tell you which subtitle file would be worth your download.

There you go, if you want to download YIFY HD Movies in the smallest size on YTS, you now know what to do and how to go about it.

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