Xiaomi Mi Band 5 or Mi Band 4: is it worth making the switch?


It was early this morning that Xiaomi introduced the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 to the world. It arrives with the difficult responsibility of replacing the famous Mi Band 4 and for such a bet on several novelties to win over consumers. If for some reason you bought the Mi Band 4, is it worth the upgrade to the Mi Band 5? This is what we will respond to below.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4: is it worth swapping?

The most noticeable difference between Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 4 is the size of the screen. The new smartband comes with a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen, which is larger than the Band 4’s 0.95-inch AMOLED panel. However, the number of exercise modes has also been updated. On Xiaomi Mi Band 4 we only had 6. On Mi Band 5 we have 11. Having said that, five new indoor modes were added. This includes exercise tracking with a rowing machine, elliptical machine, rope jumping, yoga, and indoor/spinning cycling. This combined with the six exercise modes already available, such as swimming, walking, cycling, etc.

Mi Band 5 also comes with more than 100 sets of themes. In the previous model 77, equally impressive sets were present.

Another difference between the two is the way they are loaded.

In the last model, everything is much better. We now have a new magnetic charging system. That is, everything is much simpler, and without the need to remove the device from the bracelet. This device is waterproof to 50 meters, just like the previous model.

Another important detail is that the Mi Band 5 comes with a new sensor very advanced to effectively measure the heart rate 24 × 7. Xiaomi says the new device increases the accuracy of heart rate tracking by up to 50%. Sleep monitoring was also entitled to update and its accuracy increased by 40%. It can also show how many hours of REM sleep you have had each night, in addition to light and deep sleep.


Xiaomi Mi Band 5, for the first time, also calculates Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI). The PAI is calculated using your heart rate and reveals whether we are moving well or not.

A PAI score of 100 or more in a week indicates that we have an active lifestyle.

Meanwhile looking at other details, both share the same water resistance as ATM5, which means that they can be kept underwater up to a depth of 50m.

Now the big question. Is it worth buying the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, especially if you bought the 4? The answer is it depends. Of course, for the price, I would always say it’s worth it. Still, if you are more cautious about spending, check if you will benefit from any of the new sports modes. If the answer is no and you even use the Xiaomi smartband for notifications and the like, then you don’t need to upgrade.

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