Xiaomi Mi 6X jacket appeared in a store in China, and confirms the design of the leaks of the device

The Xiaomi Mi 6X, being one of the most anticipated smartphones of this great Chinese company, is again in the news as a jacket that supposedly belongs to the device has been found in a phone store in China. The source says he went into a store to look for a case for his Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and found a pile of new protective cases for the Mi 6X.

aparece forro del xiaomi mi 6x en china destacada

Are we getting closer and closer to the Xiaomi Mi 6X?

aparece forro del xiaomi mi 6x en china 1

The protective cover of the recently filtered Xiaomi Mi 6X could be confirming the design that was seen in past leaks. It has two modules, one in the center of this that will probably house the fingerprint sensor placed on the back. Also, there is a larger module in the upper left corner that would accommodate the rear cameras.

As was said in both rumors and previous leaks, the Xiaomi Mi 6X would come with dual iPhone X style cameras on the back, which would be placed in a vertical position.

aparece forro del xiaomi mi 6x en china 2

We have no idea what specifications will come in the Xiaomi Mi 6X or when it would be released to the public, however, it is expected that the device has similar features to the Xiaomi Mi 5X. Remember that the Mi 5X was launched last year as a shortened version of the flagship Mi 5. The device was later released for the international market under the name of Mi A1, being the first Xiaomi model to run Android Oreo on its pure version.

The Mi 5X was released around July of last year, but from what it seems, we will not have to wait so long before meeting the Xiaomi Mi 6X.

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