Xiaomi Imilab W12 Smartwatch Review: a smartwatch with IP68 certification and 30 days battery juice

What are the features that accompany the best smartwatches? Does the Imilab W12 smartwatch a device that has all the features associated with the best smartwatches? In this in-depth review, we will find out. In the meantime, some of the significant features of the W12 are the True Blood Oxygen, the Top shell craft, and the ultra-clear large screen. What about other aspects such as price? Read on to find out.

Imilab W12 SmartWatch Release Date

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 001
imilab w12 smartwatch

The Imilab W12 is a new product. It was released in 2021, towards the middle of the year. Imilab had just launched the W11 smartwatch when it decided to release the W12. The forerunner appeared to be something that women would love. True, it is a sporty smartwatch with a circular design, but the W12 comes with features that men love.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 001
imilab w12 smartwatch

Design & Display of Imilab W12

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 007
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

As depicted in the picture, the W12 is a smartwatch with a circular shape but it looks sporty, stylish, like some other designs out there already. The Huawei GT2 comes close in design.

W12 measures 46 x 46 x 11 mm and it weighs just 57 grams. That means it is lightweight. When the user wears during most of his activities, the weight is not an issue. It is thin, although some people would appreciate it if it is thinner. It is a device that comes with such a laudable premium look.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 010
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

There are buttons on the right side of the watch. That is the main tool for turning on the running back. This feature is also present in the forerunner device. On the reverse side of the smartwatch, there is the usual configuration for magnetic contacts that enables charging, and the heart rate sensor. Those are just a few of the many design aspects of this smartwatch.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 006
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

Looking at the body design, the device is carved out of zinc alloy materials. The strap is made of silicone. The display screen has a big enough space. It is 1.32 inches large. It comes with TFT technology, curved, and with 3D glass. The display is created with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. For the display, there are varieties of faces, and it supports customized dials. The display is a sharp, ultra-clear large screen, with a beautiful user interface.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 008
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

Imilab W12 Smartwatch Waterproof Technology

Imilab W12 is the type of watch you can wear and wash your hands without worrying about water splashes. When it is raining, you can also wear it because it is certified IP68 waterproof. Can you shower with this watch? Yes. Your smartwatch is protected against water to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters of water. It can stay in there for at least 30 minutes without water damaging it. Being certified IP68 means that the W12 is also protected against the harm that dust can cause. In short, the wearer doesn’t have anything to fear regarding water and dust, except the watch falls into very deep water.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 025
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

The W12 Hardware

The Imilab W12 comes with several sensors. There is a G-sensor, another for monitoring heart rate, as well blood oxygen monitoring. Heart rate monitoring can check for cardiovascular health, monitors the heart at all times. The blood monitoring checks blood oxygen saturation 24 hours a day. The smartwatch also comes with the capacity to monitor the weather through its SpO2 monitoring.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 009
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

There is also Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity available for the smartwatch. It is compatible with the operating system inside the watch; the Android 5.1, as well as the iOS 9.0. However, the good thing about this smartwatch is that it has the capacity to upgrade to other operating systems as the need may be.

For the battery specs, we find that the Xiaomi Imilab W12 smartwatch has a 330 mAh Polymer Li-ion battery that gives the device power for some 30 days. Actually, the smartwatch will last for about 14 days when used daily. The standby time is 30 days. The manufacturer ensured that the battery was implemented without sacrificing any features for it. When you make use of a smartwatch this good, it takes a lot to get it going because it is packed full of features.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 016
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

Imilab W12 Full Specs

Name Imilab W12
Dimension 260 x 22 x 11 mm
Bluetooth V5.0
Touch Screen Capacitive
Compatibility Android 5.1 or above | iOS 9.0 or above
Sensitivity 4.0V/lux-sec
Definition 360 x 360 pixels
Display 1.32 inch TFT screen
Water & Dust Proof IP68
Operation Temperature  -20 -45 centigrade
Battery Life 30 days
Charger Magnetic charging cable
Battery Capacity 330 mAh
Data sync Could be uploaded to App for analyzing
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 004
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch specs

Sports Monitoring Capacity of the W12

Loaded with different sporting functions, the Imilab W12 is a powerful tool for sporting activities. There are many sports tracking activities in this watch, such as running, walking, cycling, climbing, spinning bikes, gymnastics, boating, skipping, yoga, badminton, ping-pong, and sit-ups. These are 12 different sporting activities that anyone can indulge in during his spare time.

But there are more than 12 sporting activities that the W12 can track. So, your world of sports is expanded. No matter what workout you participate in, get the most out of it as the smartwatch tracks your progress and helps you to reach your fitness goals. Enjoy the customizing tracking and the coaching activities. Take note that your workout status can be tracked in real-time, whether you’re running, boating, swimming, or mountaineering.

Real-Time Notifications

You can also call it smart notifications or smart reminders. You can get these reminders in real-time. Some of them are call notifications, SMS, support for social app notifications, and other smart reminders such as weather forecast, alarm, stopwatch, activity reminder, or even Find My Phone. With the W12 smartwatch, you get more than ten types of notifications. There are practical applications and reminding functions that facilitate your daily work and life.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 020
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

Imilab W12 Blood Oxygen Monitor

The blood oxygen monitor takes note of blood saturation in the body of the user. The sensor looks for the percentage of the combined volume of oxygen and hemoglobin in the blood, to the total hemoglobin volume that the body possesses. Since long-term insufficient blood oxygen levels can cause damage to organs in the body, the sensors give out appropriate warnings in this case. Both the heart and the brain could be in danger.

During its design, the engineers added new functions in this area to enable Imilab W12 to operate on an all-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring function. This enables the sensor to monitor blood oxygen changes at all times during the day and during the night. It also provides historical data on its activities as it monitors blood oxygen in your body.

You may begin to see differences in the days when you’re most active, like from Monday to Friday if you’re a 9 to 5 worker. During the weekends when you rest, the sensor can also show you how your body slowly adjusts to your quiet times.

Customize Watch Face

w12 customize face
w12 customize face

As we mentioned at the outset when describing the smartwatch display, it is possible to change your W12 display to anything that’s uniquely you. The feature allows you to change the display interface as often as you want.

It is easy to begin to do that when you go to the app. Download and push from the app any interface you love. It is free to use any of these beautiful features. Would like to have something different each day? Yes, it is possible. Give your smartwatch a new appearance every day.

Unboxing The Xiaomi Imilab W12 Smartwatch

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 002
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

It is time to unravel the magic of the Imilab W12 by bringing it out of the box. Actually, from the descriptions, you may have wondered how this watch with a large display and big battery will remain thin and slim-fit. Thickness is a problem that most smartwatches are known for.

Lift out the of the box things like charging cord (it is charging method is magnetic) and there is the instruction manual.

The strap is rubber, kind of. But looking deeply at it, this doesn’t feel like the ones you get on Apple smartwatches. The screen is indeed big brown, and there are the buttons – the two of them – one for powering on the device, and the other for the workout process.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 013
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

The heart rate sensor is placed at the rear. That’s reasonable because it has to actually touch the human body before it senses anything. The charging also takes place at that bottom side.

Turn the watch on to see the Imilab logo. Wow! It is bright. Most people will love it. If you go on any outdoor activity, you can have the display of this smartwatch bright always and easy to see.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 005
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

Looking at it now, you see the date, the time, heart rate calories, burn pedometer, and you can also see the GPS. You may link the GPS to your smartphone.

Swipe left, or swipe right to see other screens.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 018

If you’ve been walking, you can see how many kilometers you’ve gone, and if you’re running, you get the information as well. Check your heart rate while you walk and run to see the difference. You’re healthy if it keeps between the 75 to 95 mark when you’re steadily walking.

You just have to start small because there are so many features in this smartwatch that it takes pretty much time to go through all of them. Swiping to the left can show you training statuses. It is better if you wore the device before swiping left.

Another thing you could be aching to do is downloading apps, and pairing your smartphone with your smartwatch.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 012
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

Xiaomi Imilab W12 Support App (GloryFit App)

For this smartwatch, the GlorFit App is recommended. You can find it on Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store.

How to Pair Your Xiaomi Imilab W12 With The App

If you’re using an Android smartphone, you may want to connect your smartwatch to the app on Google Play Store.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch app
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch app
  1. Download and install a mobile App (GloryFit). You may use several options but the best two are for you to use the mobile browser to download the program to your Android phone, or simply look at the QR code on the watch box. Scan it to start downloading.
  2. Open GloryFit app.
  3. Give it the right permission required for Bluetooth connection. Take note that GloryFit app supports operating systems from iOS 9.0 and up; also Android 6.0 and up.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth switch on the mobile phone.
  5. Next, open GloryFit on the display and agree to the user agreement.
  6. You may log in with your information.
  7. At this stage, set the personal information. Click allow on all the prompts to let your app take good control.
  8. Make sure you let GloryFit find location information by clicking on ‘Select Bracelet’, which then performs a search for the device. Connect and give all permissions.
  9. Make sure that both watch and phone Bluetooth pairing requests are done in iOS. Android doesn’t need this.
  10. Once the app is installed, open the GloryFit software on the Android phone and open the application startup permissions. Find it in the phone’s Settings. Normally, this will be Settings > Application > Application Startup Management > GloryFit. As you do these, ensure the app has an adequate Bluetooth connection with the Xiaomi Imilab W12.

GloryFit App/ Xiaomi Imilab W12 Activities

Take note that once the watch and the app are connected, the exercise mode is also turned on in GloryFit and the watch will start the current exercise automatically. The app will make use of your mobile phone GPS as well. Take note that all notification information from the smartphone will automatically be pushed to the smartwatch as well.

Find Phone Feature

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 007
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

This helps you to know whether your smartphone is still connected to the watch or not. On the smartwatch, swipe down on the dial to enter shortcut navigation. Next, click the Find Phone icon. If the phone is connected to the watch, it will vibrate and ring as if a normal call came in. The phone will not make a sound if it is not connected. You may also use the Bluetooth icon in the upper left corner to check if the phone is still connected to the smartwatch.

xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch 024
xiaomi imilab w12 smartwatch

Xiaomi Imilab W12 Price Details

The price for this smartwatch is not fixed. It is sold on from $40 to about $55 online. You can look for the cheapest price online before you buy it.

Imilab W12 Product Checkout
Imilabofficial.com Check Product
Rucashk.com Check Product

Xiaomi Imilab W12 Users’ Feedback

Users from around the world are lauding the gadget for its decency. Compare the beauty and all the many features of the smartwatch to the price, users believe that the interface, the protective shell around the display, and the capacity to monitor blood oxygen are some of the reasons they go for it.

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