Xiaomi Black Shark is ready to face the world!


With the creation of a new segment of gaming smartphones through the launch of the first Razer Phone, Xiaomi eventually created a sub-brand dedicated to gaming. Shortly thereafter, he finally launched his first smartphone ‘gaming’, the Xiaomi Black Shark.

The launch of this first smartphone aimed at video game lovers happened earlier this year in April. Yet, not long ago, the manufacturer has already launched its successor, the Xiaomi Black Shark Helo.

However, although this new “fever” of gaming smartphones have picked up on power across the world, the brand ended up only continuing to make smartphones available in the Chinese market.

Although it was possible to acquire the smartphone through the usual online stores, its exclusivity turned out to be always a factor of disillusionment for the fans of the mark. But it looks like the great news is on the way to video game lovers and Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Black Shark is getting ready to conquer markets all over the world, all before Christmas!

It is no news to anyone that the Chinese manufacturer has been betting on its expansion around the world during 2018. Therefore, we can not say that a similar expansion by its sub-brand comes as a big surprise.

Information on this possible event is far from specific. In fact, they are still part of the world of speculation. The only information we have is that the brand will have news to reveal already on November 9 (Friday).

Rumors of a possible expansion of the Black Shark into the various international markets began to spread rapidly. This is because the news came through a global website launched by the brand a few weeks ago.

Xiaomi Black Shark for € 415 here

It seems that companies with a strong presence in European markets, such as Razer and ASUS, may now be in trouble. The Black Shark continues to present itself as one of the gaming smartphones that offers the best price/quality ratio.

So it will certainly be interesting to find out if the brand will reach Europe before the end of the year. Or if the surprise to be revealed next Friday will have a totally different context.