Windows 10X will warn you if the camera is in use!

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A few weeks ago, a Twitter user named Gustave Monce managed to install and run a pre-release version of Windows 10X on an old Windows Phone smartphone. Although it didn’t work at 100%, it was something very important. This is because it gave an idea of ​​how the new system will work on devices with screens as small as 5.7 inches, which is the case with the Nokia Lumia 950 XL. But in reality, it served much more. This user mentioned that Windows 10X has a “camera in use” indicator whenever it is activated.

Windows 10X will warn you if the camera is in use!

Like what you can see on some Android or iOS devices, this indicator appears next to the Wi-Fi and Battery indicators. Windows 10, on the other hand, currently only includes an indicator for the microphone. However, we may be able to see the same indicator being included in all versions soon.

Windows 10x Camara
Windows 10x Camara

But there is more news. The version of Windows 10X that escaped to the Internet shows that Microsoft will redesign the action center, the start menu, and the taskbar on single-screen PCs. I mention this because in Windows 10X the action center was developed to adapt to all situations, including folding and tablets.

The action center is really good on Windows 10X. In fact, it is so well done that it gives us the feeling that the current Windows 10 quick setting system is outdated.

However, it is technically based on the same approach, but with a different design.

Windows 10x 3
Windows 10x

In Windows 10X we still have access to quick settings, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Settings, Network, Location, among others.

But there is more news. The action center is now able to group notifications and more.

However, Microsoft also seems to be testing a new multimedia control system that will appear when an app is playing audio and video content.

Windows 10x 1
Windows 10x

In the meantime, you can continue to use the right mouse button to customize the Action Center or you can jump to the settings app. On the other hand, there is a button to clear everything in the notification panel as mentioned in Windows Latest.

However, there is another change. Unlike Windows 10, the action center in Windows 10X also functions as a taskbar. This means that it is where you can manage the power options and the user profile.

In other words, Microsoft removed the power options from the old site and placed them at the center of the action.

Windows 10x 4
Windows 10x

Will this action center reach Windows 10?

There is a possibility that Windows 10 will receive the action center from Windows 10X, possibly with the 21H2 update.

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