Why Samsung Galaxy S21 Series are Winning – 3 Major Changes


There are so many things a smartphone manufacturer has to consider now. One of the most important factors to consider when manufacturing a device these days is the effect the ongoing pandemic will have on an upcoming product.

Galaxy S21 is nowhere. The phone was released in January 2021 with amazing features, but the one that stands out wasn’t found on its software or hardware.

It is found on the price.

The Galaxy S21 lineup price starts from $800, goes through $1,000 for the Plus edition, and then rises up to $1,200 for the Ultra edition. Samsung has reduced prices for its mobile phones. When you actually look at it, Samsung made a $200 price cut for the trio!

Now, it is also clear that the new phones work better than the former ones, so the reduction in price makes it a winning brand, even over the iPhones. So, how did Samsung achieve this feat?

Galaxy S21 Live Wallpapers
Galaxy S21 Live Wallpapers

First, the company removed the bundled charger and earphones. People may cry out when they find these are omitted but Samsung is saying “Let’s save our environment, reuse older accessories.” For this reason, the standardized USB-C type charging ports that were available in 2017 became more popular.

Memory, storage, and resolution were reduced or taken away. There was no expandable local storage because usage markedly decreased. There was also a reduction in RAM as the S21 has less than 4GB less RAM than the S20. There was also a reduction of the screen resolution almost by half, on the S21 and S21 Plus.

Lastly, instead of having the Gorilla Glass, Samsung used polycarbonate, which is cheaper. The S21 Plus and S21 Ultra both have Victus glass on the front and rear.

Samsung has found a way around dropping smartphone sales. Huawei is contemplating farming but it looks like Samsung will continue to make phones that the masses want to buy.


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