Why Nigeria is Still Technologically Backward


When tech experts gathered recently to discuss how to take the country to the next level technologically, they confirmed that Nigeria is still lagging behind technologically in spite of all the progress made.

The event, organized by Aura Technology Ltd in collaboration with the National Board for Technology Incubation, (NBTI) scoffed at the pace of technology growth in Nigeria.

They claimed that the slow growth of tech in the country is very much connected with the lack of political will by several administrations past and present. Governments have refused to invest and reposition the sector and take it to the right level.


Yet, the tech experts said that one of the ways in which citizens can help is through value orientation, while government parastatals should be repositioned as a revenue-spinning organ of government, rather than consuming parastatals.

Some of them said that it is possible for Nigeria to take the first place it deserves in the ranking of technologically developed nations worldwide. But the government will have to create an enabling environment for researchers, and academia to collaborate in a bid to finding solutions to the problems faced in Nigeria.

One of the speakers at the event, Dr. Peter Ogbebe said that most billionaires in other countries are not known to be dependent entrepreneurs but those carrying out research and providing solutions to problems. Therefore, Nigerians should no longer depend too much on government revenue.  This is possible if we build technology parks where young billionaires will be nurtured and groomed.

No doubt, for things to improve for Nigeria technologically, the government must prioritize science and tech, investing in it as they have never done before.

Although Nigeria is making its stride in some areas of technology, the country is yet to find its footing when it comes to science and technology. The experts believe that things can improve when government demonstrates the political will to make a difference.


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