Why Jaybird X4 is Getting Rave Reviews As The Wireless Workout Headphones of Choice

Jaybird X4 features good sound and its customizable fit is superb. One thing though, it is expensive. Add that with exceptional battery life and a solid overall experience, the Jaybird X4 becomes the best pair of headphones out there.

It was released sometime in September 2018 and readily accepted by those who knew its worth. The popularity of the headphones is still soaring.

This pair of headphones will last you through weeks of workouts, offering good sound that some have even claimed is more than great. The wireless design helps to enable the freedom from the user getting entangled with the cord, especially when jogging. So, this means that the wearer does not need to bother about anything hanging uncomfortably with his or her shirt.

The main reasons why people love the pair is the phenomenal battery life, cordless design, the great sound, the excellent companion app, and comfortable fit. If you don’t want something expensive, or are not cut out for earbuds, then Jaybird X4 is not for you.

Users have considered the makeup of the Jaybird X4 and decided that they are the best anyone could ever get right now and they are meant for the active lifestyle. Consider the features: they come with a few sizes of ear tips as well as three fin sizes. That means that the user has the opportunity to mix and match and also find what is best for his or her use.

It is possible that the user may be someone averse to the use of rubber earbuds. But when they compare and combine feature set and overall audio quality, Jaybird X4 is the best.

They are reputed for not easily shifting in your ears. Bend down, pick something, run around, exercise, lift weights, and they are just as good as can be. The wire found between the earbuds is even negligible.

Another great stuff about these earbuds is that they quickly connect and the playback controls are just great as well. Once you connect, you immediately see the remaining battery percentage. Also, the sound control system is good too.

Of course, if the pair of headphones doesn’t seem good for you, you may opt for cheaper options out there.

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