For many years, Apple has been doing its best to build a wall of security around its devices, including the iPhone. It’s pretty good to say that the company has done well in this regard. But according to the latest reports, iPhone’s locked-down approach to security is getting well-known but hackers are finding a possible advantage in this higher barrier.

Apple has a tightly controlled ecosystem that gives the company a unique control of features and security. These are among the greatest assets of the company, and why fans are drawn to its products. The ecosystem is great in that all apps go through a strict approval process, and they are made in such a way that sensitive information isn’t gathered on the device.

Apple iPhones are so controlled that developers are locked out of the place they would rather be in other platforms or systems. This barrier is very solid so much so that some may refer to it as a castle wall.

Iphone 13
Iphone 13

The lock-down nature of iOS has its own benefits, and it has solved some problems in the past and present times so that all the usual guys are properly locked out. It doesn’t, however, mean that the most advanced hackers can’t get in, and when they do, it seems that Apple’s castle wall’ defense ends up protecting the hackers.

An expert in things like this said that about one percent of the hackers actually get in and when they do, they become practically invisible. They are protected in such a way that investigators are pretty much unable to spot or understand the nefarious activities because the investigators just can’t see behind a curtain.

It leaves users in a nightmare. When under attack, they may be no clear evidence of what is going on. Although at times an iPhone could be hacked, there may be no surface evidence about that. Even if pieces of evidence could be found, it could be months or up to a year later.

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