Which phone has the best camera?

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The first choice of users is the camera when buying a phone. The features used in professional cameras in the past years are now transferred to our smartphones. Especially some smartphones can perform as well as professional cameras. Here we have listed smartphones with such good cameras for you. Our list is based on the ranking that DXOMARK has scored. You can also browse all the comparisons on the DXOMARK website, if you wish, only sorted by the rear camera.

Here is the phone with the best camera

1 – Huawei P40 Pro

Camera: 128 Points – Selfie: 103 PointsFront and Rear Camera is the phone with the best camera when evaluated

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Huawei P40 Pro continues to work wonders with its 4 cameras. When we look at both low light performance and daytime performance, it manages to get the full score from DXOMARK in the photography category. The front camera does not escape the eyes of those who love photography. Selfie is also at the top of the list in the camera category.

2 – Huawei 30 Pro +

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Camera: 125 Points – Selfie: No

3 – Oppo Find X2 Pro

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Camera: 124 Points – Selfie: 72 Points

4 – Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Camera: 124 Points – Selfie: None – Voice: 76Best sound quality phone when sound and multimedia performance is evaluated

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is undoubtedly a prominent phone with multimedia features. With the Stereo speakers, it contains, it has managed to take the first place in the list in the best Voice category from DXOMARK. Unlike other phones, the microphone is not a substitute for professional microphones in many areas.

5 – Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G

Camera: 124 Points – Selfie: 84

6 – Honor V30 Pro

Camera: 122 Points – Selfie: 76

7 – Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Camera: 122 Points – Selfie: 100

8 – Huawei Mate 30 Pro

Camera: 121 Points – Selfie: 93

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9 – Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition

Camera: 121 Points – Selfie: 77

10 – OnePlus 8 Pro

Camera: 119 Points – Selfie: No

11 – Samsung Galaxy S20 +

Camera: 118 Points – Selfie: No

12 – iPhone 11 Pro Max

Camera: 117 Points – Selfie: 92Front and Rear Camera is the phone with the best video performance when evaluated

iPhone cameras are undoubtedly the best video shooters among smartphones. As DXOMARK noted in its review, videos shot on iPhone phones are not cropped up on Android as social media. You can watch the videos you take literally on social media with the same quality.

Which winner is the best camera phone winner?

In fact, when we look at the list, they all have similar features. The important thing is whether the phone’s camera addresses you. For example, some phones get a different image by bursting colors in the photos taken under the AI ​​option. You may not like this image. Therefore, while buying the phone, you should experience the camera of the phone by not looking at the lists or scores.

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