Where to Download Free Nintendo Switch Games Online

If you are wondering where you can download free Nintendo Switch Games, then I’m going to guide you today. Like other consoles, to play games on Nintendo Switch, you have to purchase & download games from its official store. There are many games available on its store with different genres and different price tags. Most of the demanded and popular games on the store are expensive, and it’s not affordable for most gamer kids out there. And without having money for those expensive games, you cannot purchase & play those games.

Fortunately, there are also plenty of games on the Nintendo Switch Game store that can be downloaded and played for free or without purchase. They may contain in-app purchases, but they are totally free to download and play.

So, in this article today, we are going to guide you on “Where you can download Free Nintendo Switch Games Online.” Let’s get started.

What is Nintendo Switch?

As always, before coming to the main topic of this article, let me first clear you about Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch is basically is a gaming console that is developed and launched by Nintendo in March 2017. In a few months, it becomes one of the top handy gaming consoles in the market. And millions of users purchased this device to play games with comfort. Moreover, Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console which means you can use it both ways; Stationary and Portable.

Whether you want to permanently settle it to your home table or take it anywhere you go, you can do both without any hassle. Also, switching stationary to Portable or vice-versa doesn’t take too much time. You need to take out the screen and attach the controller to it. And then you can keep it with yourself even if you go outside.

Overall, Nintendo Switch is a convenient and lightweight gaming console that can provide you instant action whenever you want. The best thing I liked about the Nintendo Switch console is that you can play most of the popular games, such as Fortnite. Now, let’s come to the main topic.

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Where to Download Free Nintendo Switch Games? Some third-party websites are available for downloading free Nintendo Switch games, but I will recommend not downloading from there. In this digital era, we randomly download files from an unknown website without knowing the true nature. And after that, we regret why we downloaded because of the infected file with malware and virus. This happens very often to the majority of internet users who download files randomly from the websites. Well, the best source to download free Nintendo Switch games is from their own Store.

nintendo eshop

It may sound unreal, but that’s absolutely true. There are more than enough free games are available on the official Nintendo Switch Game store. And you should always download free Nintendo switch games from there only. And trust me, you will get satisfied with those free games because there are some excellent options available. At least you will be secure downloading and playing games from there. Now, let me show you you can actually download free Nintendo Switch Games online.

How to Download Free Nintendo Switch Games Online

Previously, we have suggested you the only secure source for getting free Nintendo Switch games online. Now, we will guide you on how you can exactly download those free games on your Nintendo Switch Games. It’s going to be easier than you are thinking, so let’s get started.

To perform the downloading, you don’t require any external equipment. You need your Nintendo Switch with Internet access on it. You will be able to download and install on your switch directly. Now, follow the steps below.

1. Launch the Nintendo eShop

Firstly, boot up your Nintendo Switch game console and launch the Nintendo eShop built-in application. It’s the official Nintendo store for downloading and updating games. All the games that are available for the Nintendo device can be purchased from this single application. So, after booting up the Switch, tap on eShop to launch it. If you cannot find the Nintendo eShop application on your Nintendo eShop, then chances it is disabled or removed for making free space. To give you the example of eShop, you can see its Logo in the picture below.

nintendo eshop

2. Sign-in Under eShop

The next step to do after you launch the eShop application in your Nintendo Switch is to sign-in using your details. Like other E-commerce applications (Amazon, Flipkart), eShop also requires making an account for every user. If you haven’t already signed before then, you can do it right now here. Making an account for Nintendo eShop is very easy, and there is plenty of option available to instantly make an account like Google Account service, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even you can instantly make an account by directly entering your Nintendo Switch Network ID. So, make an eShop account in whatever way you want.

3. Tap on the Search icon

download free nintendo switch games

After making an eShop account and logging in, you have to click on the Nintendo eShop application’s search button. The search bar in the latest version of eShop is placed at the top left side. Just tap on the search icon to be able to search with the filter under the eShop. There are some default filters placed in the Search tab for finding games efficiently.

4. Select Filter by Price Range

When you are in the Search tab, you will find 4 filters (Genre, Price Range, Games with Demos, and Downloadable contents). From the options, click on the Price Range. After you tap on the Price range option, you will be redirected to the Price Range section, where you can find games under a specific price range.

5. Select View Free Games

If you scroll down to the Price Range tab’s bottom, you will view free game options. As I already said above, the Nintendo Switch also has some free games to download and play. And in the Free games section, you will find all those available games. All the games will be priced at 0$ which means they are free, and you don’t have to pay to download and play those games. To view the Free Games’ full list, press on the View More button, and the list will get expanded.

6. Download Free Games

From the Free games list, select any game which you want to download and play. And then click on the download or install button. Wait for the game to get downloaded and installed automatically. And after that, you can start playing the game. Once the game is installed, you will see its launcher on the App & games drawer section of Nintendo Switch. Enjoy.

So, this is how you can download free Nintendo Switch games and play. Please don’t download Free Apps & Games for your Nintendo Switch from another unknown website because they may contain viruses and malware, which can affect your device badly.

Now, let me show you the list of games you can download for free from the official eShop store.

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Free Games for Nintendo Switch

Again, I want to say what I have already said in this article- “there are more than enough free games are available to play on Nintendo Switch.” You can download and play for free on your Nintendo Switch with some required and popular games. Below are the games which you can download and play for free on your Nintendo Switch.

1. Fortnite

You may not believe me, but it’s 100% true that Fortnite Royal Battle is available for free on Nintendo eShop to download and play. What more you want? The first Royal Battle game is yet free to play on Nintendo Switch. Fortnite is one of the most popular Royal Battle games in which you can team up and play against other teams. You can play dual and solo as well. Some awesome attractive elements in the game will amaze you in the first place. You will really enjoy this free game if you don’t already have played this game.

2. Warframe

A third-person shooting game that contains amazing visual and intense weapon battle. Warframe was initially released for other platforms such as Xbox, Windows, PS4, etc. After the Nintendo Switch release, it also put out for it too as a free game to play. Must play this free game if you love intense action and battle.

3. Paladins

Another third-person shooting game with a hell of a lot of action and adventure. It is a team-based shooting game that requires a lot of focus to play well. It will be a good game if you have some friends to play together; otherwise, it will be hard to play.

4. Brawlhalla

A highly recommend fighting game for the Nintendo Switch console. I think anybody can really enjoy a fighting game on consoles like Nintendo Switch. Because of the infrastructure and control of this device. In Brawlhalla, you will be fighting against the computer player who is harder to beat. And that’s why it’s one of the best intense fighting games right now for Switch.

So, these are the four excellent games you can try for free of cost on your Nintendo Switch console. Hopefully, you liked this article, and your query has been cleared? If so, share this article with others to let them know about the source to download free Nintendo Switch Games. If you still have any queries, puthemit down in the comments, and hopefully, you get the reply ASAP.

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