WhatsApp Updates its Privacy Rules to Support New Payment System

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You may be seeing a pop up on WhatsApp these days anytime you want to launch it. Facebook wants users to sign the agreement if they want to keep using WhatsApp. However, it revealed that no accounts will be deleted even if users don’t sign the agreement.

The new move is to urge users to agree to the company’s terms which takes effect on February 8.

Going further, there are new concerns regarding what kind of data WhatsApp users will have to share with the company under these new terms, with many alternative apps vying for WhatsApp’s userbase. Some are of the opinion that these users will end up sharing more data with Facebook as a result.

As a result, the new agreement states that WhatsApp receives information and shares information with the family of Facebook companies. The company said it the companies under Facebook are free to use the information they receive to help operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market their services and offerings.

Facebook Whatsapp
Facebook Whatsapp

According to information reaching Sky News, this update only describes business communications and it doesn’t change anything about WhatsApp’s current data-sharing practices with its parent company. They claim that the update doesn’t change two things: the way WhatsApp and Facebook share data, and how people communicate privately with friends or family.

The messaging giant said WhatsApp is committed to protecting people’s privacy. Users will be given time to go over the new policy change and be able to make up their minds about rejecting or accepting. Users may not be able to keep using the service until they accept the new terms.

What privacy policy changes you get may depend on where you live in the world.

WhatsApp said the new move will also enable the company to introduce new payment capabilities so people can make purchases from businesses using it. Facebook Pay is going to be a secure way to make payments on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp said a statement made to Sky News.

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