WhatsApp Updates 2022 – Upcoming Updates that will Change the Game


No doubt that WhatsApp has grown to the top Social Media App from scratch; from the gutter to the top. Initially, WhatsApp has launched as a plain and simple instant messaging app. And its owner never imagined what its right now. So, as WhatsApp is growing, it’s enhancing the best user experience. Recently it has added some features like PIP (Picture in Picture) and Dark Mode. Also, there are some good updates that will come in 2022. So, basically in this article, I have listed all the recent and upcoming updates. Knowing about these features, you will be able to do more on WhatsApp that enhance your experience. So let’s get started!

List of the WhatsApp Updates 2019

Here is the list of the recent and upcoming updates of WhatsApp:

1. PIP (Picture in Picture Mode)

WhatsApp Updates 2019

PIP – Picture in Picture Mode is what WhatsApp has recently added in its Android version. What this feature does is it allow users to play videos in WhatsApp without the help of any video player. This means you don’t need to navigate or move to play video of WhatsApp.

You can watch videos directly from sources like YouTube, Instagram, and FaceBook. And it’s a really time-saving feature. Because before this feature, we wait for the Video to completely load to Play.

Now, you can try this on your own. Just tell your brothers, sisters or friends to send you video on WhatsApp. And play it to test. This PIP Mode feature will help you to Play Video under WhatsApp.

2. Dark Mode

WhatsApp Updates 2019

Dark Mode on WhatsApp is under development and will come soon be available for all WhatsApp Android user officially. And more than half of the WhatsApp users have already demanded this Feature.

WhatsApp Developer has stated that “Dark mode for WhatsApp is Under Development and it will soon arrive for Android“. So, WhatsApp is finally building Dark Mode for all its Android users. Dark Mode is not so new in the market, some of the Apps like YouTube, Google Chrome, Google Maps, and Twitter have this feature.

In Dark Mode of WhatsApp, the white background will get replaced by black which will help you to chat more efficiently in the night-time. Also, after few pieces of research, it has been discovered that apps with dark mode consume less battery than Apps without dark mode. And its really true. You may have observed this by yourself like when you decreased the brightness of your phone, your Android battery stays for long. That’s just true.

Here’s what happen exactly; when you increase the brightness of your Android phone, it produces more light from the screen that eats more battery. And when you dim the brightness of your Android, less light gets produced from the screen that eats less battery. I know this is very simple but I think most of us didn’t know about the logic of why Dark Mode eat less battery.

3. Share Contacts via QR-Code

This feature will make sharing Contacts in WhatsApp more easy and Effective. Share Contacts Via QR-Code feature will allow users to generate the QR-Code of their contact which will hold the contact information and share it directly. Once you shared the QR-Code, the WhatsApp will automatically write the details in all the fields and the contact will be added in the recipient address book. That’s amazing! Right?

Not enough here! It also provided security, Under this feature, you can revoke the QR-Code which then prevent from being shared and save. You can use this security feature to protect your contact from being shared with an unknown and dangerous person.

WhatsApp is really planning great and amazing features! Right Now, to add and share contact you have to type the number digit-by-digit which is quiet Frustrating and takes time. But hopefully, this frustration will go away in the soon.

Share Contacts Via QR-Code is under development and will launch soon in 2022.

4. Media Preview

Media Preview is another great feature that is only available for ISO user right now but will get available soon in 2022 for all the Android Users.

With the help of this feature, you will be able to see Images, Videos, GIF, directly from notification tray, once someone sends you. You simply need to swipe down the notification panel using your finger and view what’s been sent to you. When Media Preview will arrive, you don’t need to open your WhatsApp in Android to specifically view GIF, Video.

WhatsApp has previously allowed its user to view Images from Notification Panel. But you can only view one Image. You can’t view if multiple images have been sent to you. Media Preview will fix this all and fully enhance this. You will be able to view the full picture without opening your WhatsApp.

5. Group Calling Shortcut

WhatsApp Updates 2019

Group Calling is already available in ISO platform. It allows WhatsApp users to do multiple videos calling simultaneously or at the same time. WhatsApp is planning to implement a Group Calling standalone button to add people from the group in calling. Its reported that you will be able to add group Person (He/She Must be under your contact list) in the Video Calling that you already pursuing.

The Standalone Button will appear in the Video Calling Option. And you will be able to easily tap on it while video chatting. By tapping on the button, all the Contact under your List will appear and In one click you can invite He/She to Join the Calling.

You will be only able to Invite 3 persons from group to join the Video Calling, its the maximum limit. Overall, this video is awesome and available in some good video calling apps like Google Duo.

6. Contact Ranking

Are you a super active user of WhatsApp? If so, then Contact Ranking may put you on spot of other WhatsApp users. Contact Ranking is Available on ISO platform and if you have the ISO Devices then you can use this Feature right now.

Contact Ranking is a system that automatically Ranks contacts that you Interact or chat most. It analyses how often you chat to contacts, Does Video Call, and share documents. And all these active gives different rankings like Chatting gives Normal, Calling Gives High, Data Sharing gives normal, and If you ignore the messages then it is Bad Ranking. All these ranking status will get available in Status Section of WhatsApp, as per reported by WABetaInfo.

By watching the Data, you and other people can analyze whom with I Chat, call, share files more. To make the best Ranking with the Person, you can use Video calling as it is the best option to improve Ranking.

Ranking Contact is useful for all the WhatsApp users to get the insights about their Relationship or communication level with other. Right Now, this feature is available for all the ISO User in Beta Version, try this feature and comment below how great it is!

7. Add Contact Under WhatsApp

This is now Cool! Now you are able to add contacts under your WhatsApp for Android as it was not able to back then. This Feature is recently added in WhatsApp. Before this New Feature, we need to first add the contact in default Phone Contact App which is really ugly. And after adding the number in the Contact app, we have to look under that WhatsApp contact and sometimes it still not found there.

Contact Under WhatsApp feature allows users to add any contact under WhatsApp. Now you don’t need to save contact in the Contact app of the phone to use it in WhatsApp. Let me guide you on how to add contact Under WhatsApp!

Here are the steps that you need to Add contact under WhatsApp without using Contact App of Phone:

  1. Make sure the WhatsApp Messaging app is updated in your Android Device. You can check this by going to the path>Play Store>My Apps & Game.
  2. Open the WhatsApp and click on the Contact Logo from right Bottom.
  3. Then click on the New Contact.
  4. Type the Name of the Person and then Number.
  5. Save it, Done.

It is that simple. This feature is available for both ISO and Android Users. This feature is recently added on Android as It was only available for ISO back then.


WhatsApp is Really Going to Change the Way we communicate. Soon, you will be able to chat simultaneously with three Person, you will be able to see who you chat or share your Picture the most.

WhatsApp updates 2019 will drastically enhance the User Experience and help its user to interact more efficiently with their love once.

These Updates will Arrive soon in 2022 one-by-one. Hopefully, You loved these updates news? If so, please spread it. Also, drop down your thoughts about these updates. I’ll see you in the next one.