WhatsApp Plus (2021) latest version for Android

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Whatsapp Plus Official is one of the WhatsApp Mod applications that comes with many interesting features, one of which is the anti-ban feature.

The existence of features in the latest WhatsApp plus will certainly be very beneficial for you as a user or user.

For those of you who are interested in using it, here is our full review:

10 Excellent Features of WhatsApp Plus

1. Anti Banned

It has become mandatory for this Anti Banned feature. So you don’t have to worry if at any time, your WhatsApp account will be blocked by WhatsApp.

Because the developers have embedded this one feature in the latest WhatsApp Plus that you downloaded.

2. Multiple Accounts

If you want to have more than one WhatsApp in one phone, then you no longer need to install dual or more of the same application.

By using the latest WhatsApp Plus application, you can now use multiple WhatsApp accounts in one application. Interesting right?

3. Changing Theme

The first feature that will be discussed is Change Theme or changing the theme or appearance.

This one feature allows you to be able to download and change the theme according to the theme you want.

Not only that, but you are also allowed to customize the user interface in Whatsapp Plus or this, such as changing the size of the chat screen layout, changing the header, changing the size and shape of the font at will.

Even now, there are hundreds of WhatsApp Plus themes that you can download.

4. Anti Delete Messages

One of the favorite features in the official WhatsApp plus application is the Anti-delete message feature. As the name suggests, this one feature can display messages that your chat opponent has deleted.

Because as we know, we can withdraw or delete messages that have been sent, and often it will make us wonder what the message is.

Well, with this one feature, you can see messages that your friends have withdrawn.

5. Auto-Reply Messages

For you WhatsApp Business users, you must be familiar with the automatic message reply feature.

Well, the good news is that the WhatsApp plus application also brings this one feature that you can take advantage of.

With this one feature, you can automatically reply to incoming messages using a message template you created yourself.

You can set when the auto-reply feature will be activated. For example, You create an automated message during your break.

6. Save Friends Story

The next feature that is no less interesting is the ability of WhatsApp Plus Official to save your friends’ stories.

Not the same as in the original WhatsApp, where you need to install additional applications in order to save a friend’s WhatsApp status or a story in your contacts.

WhatsApp Plus has also embedded this one feature in it. So you don’t have to bother anymore to use additional applications to download status.

7. Send Large Files

In using WhatsApp Plus, we can send files up to 50 MB and even send audio files with a capacity of up to 100MB.

We no longer need to worry about your photo files being compressed (the size will be reduced), just like using the original WhatsApp application.

You can send photo files as well as video or audio in full quality (according to the original file).

8. Long Duration Video Status

Not much different from the features offered by GB WhatsApp, this one feature was also presented by the WhatsApp Plus Official developers.

This one feature will allow you to be able to create video statuses with a longer duration, which is up to 7 minutes long.

Of course, this is very different from the original WhatsApp, which is only able to create 30-second stories.

This one feature is perfect for those of you who like to share videos with long durations, such as music videos, short movies, or others.

Even this one feature is also suitable if you have an online selling business. Here you can create a story review of your product and upload it via a story without fearing that the video will be cut off.

9. Hiding Info While Typing

Maybe this one feature looks trivial, but this one feature is actually very useful for some people. With this one feature, your friends will not know when you are typing a message.

This one feature is perfect for you users who have a habit of writing long messages and often edit messages before they are finally sent.

10. More Features

The latest WhatsApp Plus has more interesting features than the features mentioned above.

Like the feature of adding contacts by scanning barcodes, customizing message popups, viewing logs and history of deleted messages, and much more.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK on Android

Whatsapp +
Whatsapp +

1. Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Information Information
App Name WhatsApp Plus
Version 10.20 (Latest Version)
Size 54.6 MB
Android 4.2+
Last updated March 2020
Tested Samsung J7 Pro

You can’t find the WA Plus application on the Google Play Store because this application is not the result of modification. First, you have to download WhatsApp Plus APK first.

Download WhatsApp Plus Server 1

Download WhatsApp Plus Server 2

2. WhatsApp Chat Backup

If you are still using regular WhatsApp and want to switch to using WhatsApp Plus Official, you should first back up all chats and media so that they can be used on WhatsApp Plus MOD APK.

The trick is to enter the WhatsApp application and then open the Settings > Chats page. After that, scroll down, select the Backup Chat option, and wait until the backup process is complete.

You can read the article How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp if you don’t understand the steps above.

3. Enable Unknown Sources

The next step is to change the settings on your smartphone so you can install APK files from unknown sources.

You can do this by opening the Settings > Security Settings page, then activating the Install Apps from Unknown Source option.

4. Install WhatsApp Plus APK

The fourth step is to install the WhatsApp Plus APK, which has been downloaded.

The trick is to open the File Manager, go to the Download folder, and look for the WhatsApp Plus APK file.

Tap the application to start the installation; usually in the middle of the installation process, a notification will appear that requires confirmation from you; just press Yes to continue the installation.

5. Login with WhatsApp Account

After the installation process is complete, then you only need to open the application and log in using your WhatsApp account.

Don’t forget to also restore chat and media backups from the official WhatsApp application to avoid losing your chat history.


Even though there is an anti-banned tips feature, we can’t guarantee that your WhatsApp Plus is 100% safe because WhatsApp Official can patrol WhatsApp MOD users at any time.

So make sure you understand the risk of being banned from using this modified WhatsApp application.

We recommend that you use the second number to try this application, not the main number. Because WhatsApp Official can still be permanently banned at any time, that’s the article about downloading the latest WhatsApp Plus; if you’re confused, you can ask in the comments.