WhatsApp Mark As Read Feature; What Is It and How To Use It

WhatsApp Mark as Read Feature is just like every other mark as Read Feature in most apps. It provides a way to acknowledge the fact that you’ve seen the message without having to open the app. This is a very nice feature and will definitely come in handy especially when you’re busy with another app and don’t really wanna open another app.

When you receive a message on WhatsApp, a preview of the message can be seen in the notification bar when you pull it down. Now, if the message is much, you’ll have to click on it to read the full message but if it is some like “okay” or “Till then” that doesn’t really require a reply then there would be no point opening the app. This is where the app comes in handy and with it, you can let the other person know you’ve seen the message without actually opening the app.

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This feature is still in the works though and can only be accessed through the beta version of WhatsApp but it should be available for all soon. So here is how to make use of the WhatsApp Mark as Read Feature just in case you are already using the beta version, decide to enroll for the beta version or when it finally gets released for all.

How To Use WhatsApp Mark As Read Feature

  • When you get a WhatsApp Message, access the notification center and Expand the message.
  • You’ll see the Mark As Read Option right beside Reply option.

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    Tap on the Mark As Read Option and the message will leave the notification and show the recipient that you’ve seen the message if they have the read recipient turned on.

If you also have numerous messages from different WhatsApp contacts or messages from different WhatsApp groups you’re in then you can simply mark all the messages in the notification as Read.

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Alternatively, you can open the WhatsApp application, Press and Hold on the chat and Select Mark as Read.

If you would like to experience this feature immediately without having to wait will it makes its way to everyone, then you can join the beta program by going to the Google Play Store and Locate WhatsApp, Click on it, Scroll down till you see the “Become a beta tester” option then Select “I’m In”

You’ll start getting updates with new and juicy features. However, you should note that becoming a beta tester might make the WhatsApp application unstable and might also come with lots of bugs.

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WhatsApp Mark as Read feature is definitely a welcome development. Add this to the Fact that you can reply WhatsApp messages without having to open the app among other things, then you’ll find out why it is loved by over 2 billion people worldwide, both on Android and iOS.

Got questions about this article on WhatsApp Mark as Read feature? Feel free to ask by leaving a comment down below in the comment section.

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