“WhatsApp Getting Shut Down”, A Fake News: Beware!

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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffered a technical problem. Many users were complaining that they can’t upload or download photos in their feeds and stories. WhatsApp users were not able to send images. Even some users were finding difficult to sign in to their Facebook accounts.

Facebook confirmed that the outage was due to maintenance operations being carried out. As it took several hours to get out of this outage, fake news started spreading regarding WhatsApp that it will soon get banned by Facebook and those who want to use this service need to pay for it. A guy who is aware of this tech world will be very easily able to recognise this message as fake because this message was signed-off with “Thank You – Google”.

It is to be noted that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and the ‘sign-off by Google’ is a clear indication that this news is completely fake. Please make sure that WhatsApp is neither going to get shut down nor you have to pay anything to use this messaging service.

People are also getting messages claiming that “WhatsApp will be shit down from 11:30 to 6:00 am every day as directed by the central government”.

whatsapp fake news

And this time, it went too far as some message says that WhatsApp has been acquired by Mukesh Ambani and it has now become a paid service.

whatsapp fake news 2

This is all happening in India. Some mischievous people are spreading this fake news just for fun and the people are forwarding these fake messages with closed eyes. They do not even bother to first find out whether these messages are true or not. The culture of forwarding the messages without knowing it that it is true or not has now become common in India. We advise you to not forward messages like this or any message of which you are not sure to be true.

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