ios12 iphone x messages imessage mms sms text social card
ios12 iphone x messages imessage mms sms text social card

Applications dedicated to instant messaging surround us. Users who prefer this form of communication are always on the rise, but despite this, another data also reveals another trend.

Although services of the caliber of WhatsApp and Telegram are of great convenience in current communication standards, the European population is still unable to say goodbye to text messages. The classic and old 160-character text messages have something extra that instant messaging cannot overcome.

Whatsapp destroyed by the old app that sends SMS without connection

In circulation for about 30 years, short message services are still hard. Devoid of any form of embellishment, with inherent character limitations and often ignored by the thresholds of promotions, text messages still manage to be the favorites of some. The motivation behind this reality is one and it is the communication itself.

Yes, applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram allow you to send gifs, videos, audio notes and so on but they are linked to a constant: they need a perennial internet connection. Text messages, on the other hand, arrive at their destination in any situation and even if the other person has no credit for answering. In short, loved ones and old messages reach all users in the world.

Thanks to this feature, this form of communication is preferred by two-thirds of Europeans who choose it as an alternative to the most famous applications. A movement against the trend? Evidently yes, but with solid foundations as a foundation.

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