Whatsapp bringing out new features to users.


Christmas came early for Whatsapp fans and users this week, at least for those who are running Whatsapp beta build on their Android devices, because developers are bringing a new feature to the instant messaging application that allows users to reply someone privately in a group.

The new feature which will be made available to Whatsapp beta users can only be used in group chats (because there are obviously more than two participants in social conversations in this cases) To make use of the feature you will select the message which you wish to reply to and you will see three – dots appear at the top of the chat, clicking on the dots will open a list of options one of which includes “Reply Privately”

WaBetaInfo also reports an additional feature that comes with the new rollout which involves the ability to reply to old messages. As pointed at by WaBetaInfo users can even reply old messages privately in the case where the send messages feature is set to “Only Administrators”’. The feature covers a lot of things and sets a pretty comfortable tool for users who will even be able to reply messages even if the group has already been closed down as long as all requirements required to make use of the features are met.

The feature is yet to be made available for the public WhatsApp build and is currently only going to be available for the Whatsapp beta build. We are also yet to get any confirmation whatsoever on when and it would be coming to the iOS or Windows 10 platforms.

Whatsapp seems to be making some major changes to the application in the coming months with the news of ad placements coming to WhatsApp status in the near future which the company has claimed to be the app’s sole monetization scheme.