What will happen to my photos and posts on Google +


Google+ (or Plus) closes permanently. We show you what will happen to all our data, photos, videos and if we can download them.

Google+ will officially close after eight years from its launch in 2011. It does so for several reasons. The main reason is due to the lack of users and activities within the same social network.

In fact, since its introduction, the maximum shares of unique users have failed to dethrone the two current kings- Facebook and Twitter.

The second reason is due to the many security problems that Google Plus has had in recent years, compromising a large part of user data. Now Google has announced that its social network will close definitively in April of this year. What will happen to all Google+ photos and posts? 

Google+ closes in April- last chance to download data, photos, and posts

You can not go back. It seems that Google has made a unanimous decision and, according to the company, there will be no second thoughts. The news has been communicated to the millions of users of the social network through an email sent in recent days.

The email in question specifies that “On April 2, your Google+ account and all the Google+ pages you’ve created will be closed and we’ll start deleting the contents of consumer Google+ accounts.

It will also delete all the photographs and albums that we shared through the network. This is not the case with the albums and images we’ve saved in Google Photos since they will remain intact in our account.

Does this mean that from April 2nd we will stop seeing everything related to our profile? Not exactly Although Google establishes April 2 as a deadline, in the same e-mail the company guarantees that the cancellation of the content will be carried out progressively.

However, it is advisable in any case to download all the content before that day arrives, since, from April 4, Google will also block any possibility of creating new profiles, pages, communities, and events.

How to download photos and images of Google + before closing

The good news is that we can download all the data related to our profile. This is indicated by Google in the email sent to all its users.

To download all publications, images, events, and everything related to our Google+ profile, we will have to access the following link

The download process is simple; we have to select all the data we want to download and configure the way we want Google to send it to us.

At this point, it is very important to select all the information in the profile. Since not all are selected by default, it is preferable to click on the Show more products button. Here we can choose all the services and data we want to transfer to our account.

If we want to download data about our communities and circles, we need to make sure we check their respective community boxes and Google+ circles. We also recommend activating the Blogger and Contacts boxes to store all our friends and comments.

Finally, when we have selected all the data, we will click Next and choose the type of file, the maximum size and the form of sending data  (email, link for download …). 

Once downloaded the file in question, we will get a series of elements in HTML format to display them through the browser as if it were a web page.