What to Expect As Lenovo S5 Pro Launches on October 18


On October 18th 2018, the world awaits a new smartphone from Lenovo. It is called Lenovo S5 Pro. Read about the Lenovo S5 HERE. At an event in Beijing China, the company will introduce S5 Pro as a smartphone that comes with dual selfie camera, raising the bar from the regular triple cameras to quadruple.

The Lenovo team said they made this smartphone to be able to find your inner beauty with a pair of eyes. This suggests that there will be new features added to the dual selfie cameras. What are these features, and what other special features can we find in the new Lenovo S5 Pro?

Read on to find out about more information on Lenovo S5 Pro as we expect its launch in a few days.

The Camera Setup of Lenovo S5 Pro

This is expected to be the selling point of the Lenovo S5 Pro and reviews online portrays it as such. Reviewers speculate that the rear dual cameras will at least have the main shooter that will come with 20 MP and also they believe that the major selfie shooter out of the duo at the front will come with 16 MP camera.

In a few days, we will know more about these information. Sure enough, the S5 Pro is very much a bigger version of the previous S5 that was launched in the month of March 2018. One thing is clear, Lenovo is trying hard to capture the interest of selfie lovers and if the company does it well, they will surely succeed. Selfie lovers will especially treasure a smartphone that works when it comes snapping portrait shots.


Lenovo fans should expect a new smartphone with mid-range specifications. With this in mind, they should be aware that Lenovo like other smartphone manufacturers is balancing price with performance features in the creation of new smartphones.

Performance Specs in Lenovo S5 Pro

As some of us may have seen for several weeks, Lenovo S5 Pro will arrive with Qualcomm 600-series chipset. In view of that, it will appear most likely on the 660 Snapdragon. Also, fans should expect a notched screen of 19:9 aspect ratio. Why does this seem logical? This is certainly the norm in mid-range smartphones these days. The Weibo information which was shared by Lenovo’s vice president also confirmed this.

Specified also, is the information that Lenovo S5 Pro will feature 6.4 inches screen display with a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels and that it will run on Android v8.0 Oreo operating system.

What Was Revealed Earlier

Back in the month of September, there were reports that the Lenovo S5 Pro could sport a notch-less display. These reports also claimed that there could be a manual slide at the back of the smartphone to hold the front dual camera setup. It has also been confirmed that one of the four cameras to be mounted on S5 Pro will be a telephoto sensor and another may have a regular Field of View.

In addition to that, there has also been a hint that Lenovo S5 would feature a near to 100 percent screen to body ratio. Of course, we have seen some with about 94 percent screen to body ratio proclaimed in the recent past. We wait to see what that will look like in the S5 Pro. For Z5, which is also launching soon, the company has made a statement that a near to 100 percent screen to body ratio news should be taken with a pinch of salt.


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