What To Do If GOTV Remote Control Is Not Working


If your GOTV remote fails to respond, it doesn’t really mean that you should count it as dead or irreparable, because there are some things to try out before reaching that conclusion. In this tutorial, we’ll break down how you can rectify your faulty GOTV remote and use it again like it is brand new. See what to do when your GOTV Remote Control is not working:

GOTV Remote Not Working
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Check For The Minor Issues First:

Check to be sure that there is no object hindering the imaginary straight line from your GOTV remote to your GOTV decoder. If there is no blockage, and your GOTV still fails to respond, the next reason could be dead batteries. However, if nothing is blocking the line and the batteries are completely fine, the repair is needed.

Repair Your GOTV Remote:


Confirm if there is rust preventing the battery from making contact with the remote. Just scrape it off and put the battery back in.

Open Your GOTV Remote:

If the above didn’t solve the issue, try opening your GOTV remote:

  • Just take a picture of the GOTV remote as this is key before opening it.
GOTV Remote Not Working
Photo credit- electronicsdiary.com
  • Get a flat metal like a knife to open it. If the remote control comes with screws, a screwdriver is needed.
  • As soon as it is open, clean the board with a slightly wet handkerchief like the one you see below:
GOTV Remote Not Working
Photo credit- electronicsdiary.com
  • If you see excessive dirt in it, simply dip a toothbrush in methylated spirit and clean the board thoroughly. Ensure the rubber membrane, where you have the remote buttons, are cleaned and dried properly.
  • As soon as the parts are dry, put the GOTV remote back together and test to confirm it works. Your remote should start working normally once you try to use it.

Operate GOTV Without Remote:

To use GOTV without a remote, you simply need to understand the icons on the decoder.

See what the icons on the decoder represent:

  • Reset or Power on/off.
  • P- is used to Change channel (-1).
  • P+ is used to Change channel (+1).
  • V- is used to reduce the volume.
  • V+ is used to increase the volume.

Functions Of Buttons On Your GOTV Remote Control:

1. Power Button:

This button helps you to power on or power off the decoder.

2. ALT Button:

This button takes you back to the newest channel, i.e, the last channel you checked out before you changed to the current channel.

3. Shift Button:

Once pressed with ALT (Shift + ALT), this button helps to adjust screen orientation (size and shape). Be aware that the orientations available are Letterbox and Cropped.

4. TV Guide Button:

This reveals the programs scheduled for the GOTV channels you are viewing.

5. Language Button:

This function changes the decoder language in use.

6. Mute Button:

This is the button that disables the sound on your decoder.

7. Info Button:

Pressing this will reveal information about what you are watching, including the current GOTV channel and program, and the next program to be shown. This information is visible at the bottom of the screen with an info plate (i-plate.) Pressing it twice will display information about the selected program on the i-plate.

8. Exit Button:

This exits the GOTV menu option.

9. Up Button:

Used for navigating upward, especially when the user is in GOTV menu options.

10. Right Button:

Used for navigating to the right.

11. OK Button:

Used to choose a selected option.

12. Left Button:

Used for navigating to the left.

13. Down Button:

Used for navigating downward.

14. V+/V- Button:

This button is meant to increase and reduce system sound.

15. P+/P- Button:

This one is used to change channels. Forward (+1) or Backward (-1).

16. Utility Button:

Red, Blue, White, Yellow, and Green colored buttons. The fact is that these GOTV control buttons are super useless on their own. They are used to carry out specific commands as seen on the screen. As you use the TV guide, you might see an option or command close to a particular color. To activate such commands, simply tap on any of the 6 colored buttons on your GOTV remote control that suits the color on the screen.


17. Numbers Button:

0 – 9. Useful with channels.

18. Menu Button:

This one displays the menu.

19. Help Button:

Meant to assist you with controlling your GOTV decoder when you get stuck.

20. Up/Right/Down/Left Button:

The displays the list of channels on your decoder.

21. Shift + Language Button:

This shortcut opens Parental Control.

Use Your GOTV Remote Control To Explore Menu Options:

1. Mail Messages:

This menu option will be home to all the messages you have.

2. Advanced Option:

This contains decoder and installation information.

3. GOeazy Self Service:

This GOTV control offers technical assistance information, error code clearing, it also lets you upgrade/downgrade subscriptions easily.

4. Information Central:

This shows you a summary of the decoder information.

5. Parental Control:

Be aware that your GOTV default parental control password is 1234. It lets you lock specific channels and programs that are inappropriate for your kids.

6. User Preferences:

Under this menu option, users will find “Language” and “Information Display Periods.”

7. Language:

This one allows you to easily choose display language and audio language. You’ll also be able to enable subtitle and also select the subtitle language for your GOTV decoder.

8. Information Plate (i-plate) And Volume Bar Time Out:

This is the duration of time it’ll take for the information plate way down on the volume bar to disappear after it is activated. At times, you’ll have to press “Exit,” on your GOTV remote after changing the channel for the i-plate at the bottom to go away. However, you shouldn’t be doing that always since you can simply set the timeout to 2 or 3 seconds.

GOTV Remote Not Working
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Remove Mail From Your GOTV Screen Without A Remote:

Even if you can use a decoder without remote control, there are other times when this might not be possible. For instance, when you want to get rid of a GOTV notification without a remote, it just cannot happen, and the notification will only linger on your screen for a while.


In fact, according to GOTV Twitter support, it is actually impossible to clear a message on GOTV without a remote control. If it’s a mail message on the display, however, you can attempt to clear it by removing the antennae cable at the back of the decoder. Of course, you’ll have to return the cable for a signal after that, but be aware that this option doesn’t work for everyone.

If it fails to work for you, the best solution is to reach out to the GOTV customer care team for added instructions. You should be told how you can exit your GOTV decoder without a remote control.

There you go, if your GOTV remote is giving you problems, you now know what to do and how to go about it.

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