What to do before selling the iPhone this 2021


More and more people, year after year, change their smartphones,  especially when it comes to iPhones. The Apple phone has “within it” this power of being resold over and over again. Many users, especially the less experienced ones, are unable to delete all the contents of their iPhone. So what to do before seeing an iPhone?

First of all, you will need to delete all your personal information, being careful not to permanently delete emails, contacts, photos because there is a risk that you will lose them forever. For now, let’s not worry about deleting the elements just mentioned but let’s see what are the steps to follow in order not to run into any kind of error.

By following the instructions below you will be safe (we will show you how to delete data and how to format an iPhone): later, you can also read our in-depth analysis on how to evaluate an iPhone in order to know the right selling price.


How to delete data from iPhone

We proceed as follows:

  1. Run iPhone backup;
  2. If you have connected an Apple Watchcancel the pairing (click here for the cancellation guide );
  3. Sign out of the iTunes Store, App Store, and iCloud.
    – If you have iOS 10.3 or later go to Settings / (your name). Go down and click on exit (iCloud);
    – If you have iOS 10.2 or earlier go to Settings / iCloud. Go down and click on exit. A confirmation message will appear. Click on Exit again and then delete from device;
    – To exit the iTunes Store and App Store, go to Settings / iTunes Store and App Store / Apple ID and click on exit.

Let us now move on to restore the contents of the iPhone. Always make sure that you have performed all the above steps perfectly, especially that you have backed up your iPhone, for data recovery.

  1. Head to Settings / General / Reset / Reset content and settings . If you have activated “Find my iPhone” , you should enter your Apple ID and password to be able to deactivate it;
  2. You may need your device passcode or restrictions, please enter it. After entering the code (if required) click on ” Initialize “;

By following these steps to the letter, you shouldn’t find it difficult to reset your device prior to sale.

If you don’t have an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Ask the new owner to follow the above steps;
  2. Log in to iCloud, or download the Find My iPhone app, select the device and click Erase.
  3. After restoring it, remove the account;
  4. If you can’t perform any of the following steps, change your Apple account password so the new owner can’t delete your data from iCloud.

This is what you will need to do before selling your device. Be sure, once again, to perform the above steps.