What People Love & Hate Most About Samsung Phones


I have already given 10 reasons why Samsung smartphones are spectacular. You can read about it here. But in this article, we are interested in outlining the top reasons why people love and hate this smartphone. Granted, Samsung Phones are the top selling mobile devices from manufacturer as far as our world is. So, we know that there are more reasons why people love this name and the phones that come with it. Check below and see the top reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy Samsung smartphones. Let’s consider the reasons to love Samsung phones first and then we’ll move to reasons why people hate the smartphone.

Reasons to love Samsung phones

  • AMOLED Screen Display

This is one of the most special thing about Samsung smartphones. For best displays in phones overall, give it Samsung. Super AMOLED display is vibrant, deep black, and comes with colors that are very magnificent. If you don’t think these are the best displays in phones, you better look again.

  • Better Performance

With Qualcomm Snapdragon, many users believe you can’t go wrong. With Samsung Exynos, the moon is the limit. Samsung is the phone when it comes to operational efficiency, multi-tasking, overall satisfaction. Today, the company is the lead chipmaker worldwide.

  • Camera Features

People love Samsung cameras and these got better when the company partnered with Sharp for high-quality phone cameras. For Samsung users, when you get a 13 MP in your main camera, it out-performs other phones of the same MP because of additional features.

We leave the positive sides at just these two. For all Samsung phones users worldwide, at least one of these two comes as something they love in the smartphone no matter what. Let’s now consider what people hate as well.


Reasons to Hate Samsung phones

Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Very Expensive!

Of course, Samsung is a market leader and most of the top selling phones from the company are flagships that come with tons of features (many of which you don’t need but are there and you paid for them) of which some of them that are lacking in other phone brands. That isn’t to say that Samsung has no cheaper phones. Even in 2022, the company has released several budget-friendly phones.

  • The Heat

This one has almost crumbled the mobile manufacturers lead in the market. Of course, the company has recalled its phones a few times because of heat which led to explosion of the phones. I want to believe that the company has finally found a solution anyway. In 2016, people drew back from purchasing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because user reported that the phone had a tendency to burst into flames.

What Do You Make of Samsung Phones?

No matter what you think, there are people out there who hate Samsung phones. The most spectacular thing for me in Samsung phones is the display. Many of those who loathe the device tend to push that away and focus on the gray areas of the phones. However, none of us can deny that it takes a very good and sophisticated team to be the number one driver in the world of smartphones today.