What is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) and How to Use It?


Wi-Fi Protected Setup mainly known as WPS is used to create a secure connection in a wireless network. The advantage of using this process to create a wireless connection with a network name, otherwise known as SSID, is strong data encryption and authentication.

This technology is used to support certified 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless adapters, phones, and other devices. This setup can’t work for Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) which is largely regarded as outdated these days. In that case, anyone who wants to make a seamless connection between a router and a wireless device should consider WPS.

What is WPS?


WPS is a new connectivity technology. Instead of using traditional methods to do Wi-Fi connections, WPS, which in full is Wi-Fi Protected Setup used for installing safe wireless networks. When you use this technology, sometimes you don’t need to input a password in order to connect to the internet.

WPS Connection Processes

The WPS connection process is not a complicated one, and because there are 2 ways to go about the connection, you may settle for the one that you’re comfortable with. To connect, you need to make use of the WPS button.

Wps On Router

Here is the first example of how to connect:

  1. Press the button on the router and find the device you want to connect.
  2. On the device select the network you want to connect to.
  3. You will see that once you select it, your device is connected to the wireless network without a password. This is known as the push-button configuration.

Now, we move to the second example of how to connect with the WPS button:

  1. Press the WPS button on the router to connect to your devices such as wireless printers or cameras. They too may have their WPS button, which makes the connection a lot easier.
  2. Press the WPS button on the device. You automatically get a network password sent to you. That password is remembered by the devices, and they are stored for future use. This step is known as the personal identification number configuration.

Where to Find the WPS Button on Router

Wps Button

The button is often found on either the front or rear panel of the router. Linksys devices often have it. Some other routers also have the WPS button. The best way for you to know where it can be found is to read the documentation carefully.


Brief Note About the Configurations

If you want to use the first method, take note that you will need an access point/wireless router to begin. For the second process, in the case where the pin is all zeros, you may need a Registrar, e.g access point or AP.

How Safe and Secure is WPS?

There are some security flaws that a user faces when using WPS. Why many people love it is that it is easy and convenient to connect. Once a hacker gets access to the network, everything is laid bare to him. Imagine a hacker having unrestricted access to all your connected devices. For this reason, some companies have disabled it. That doesn’t mean you should not use it because you can avoid being prey to hackers anyhow.

Does the WPS Increase Internet Speed?

This is a process by which you connect to a wireless network and remain connected. It doesn’t have anything to do with the speed of the internet. Having clarified that, there’s no need to think it will increase or slow down the speed of your internet connection.