What is ‘Performance Mode’ on Huawei smartphones and how to activate


Huawei’s smartphones are increasingly capable of performance. The Chinese company’s top tops are already competing with the other monsters on the market and no longer surprising that this happens.

Although Huawei has gained its fame in the mid-range, it is rare that a top of the brand does not convince a user of Samsung or Apple. The new Mate 20 Pro is an example of this. A complete terminal capable of letting any smartphone enthusiast excited about the future.


Some time ago Huawei was caught lying in the benchmarks. That is, as soon as the smartphone detected that it was running a benchmark application, it would turn everything off and on and give the device maximum power.

Performance mode give a boost to the performance of Huawei smartphones

In order to apologize for the situation, Huawei introduced the “performance mode”. But what is it, does it really work and how can I activate it?

While not all Huawei smartphones have the possibility, the latest updates start to bring a small feature to the brand’s smartphones.

Huawei Honor Magic 2
Huawei Honor Magic 2

In summary, once you activate the “performance mode”, your smartphone forgets to be efficient with the autonomy to give you an above-average performance.

I honestly do not feel any difference in games or multitasking, but when we put Huawei Mate 20 Pro in AnTuTu we can see the differences in punctuation. The Mate 20 Pro without the active mode beats the 273 thousand points while the active mode exceeds 300 thousand points and dominates the list of more powerful smartphones of the moment.


Something I could notice with the active performance mode is that the battery flies. If the Mate 20 Pro, for example, has excellent autonomy, with the feature active the battery disappears.

In short, is it worth activating the performance mode to play? In my opinion not! The difference is not much. I feel like we all know that this mode is perfect just to get further in the benchmarks. However, try for yourself.

If your smartphone is compatible you can activate the performance mode in the “settings” – “battery” – “Performance mode“.


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