What A Nintendo-Microsoft Hardware Partnership Could Mean for Tech Industry


People are thinking about a more powerful; Nintendo Switch Pro. Most of those people have been waiting for years, contemplating what overhaul the Switch Pro could go through. There have been weekly reports too that serve to suggest that Microsoft and Nintendo are up to something on partnership.

The new idea may not really be what Nintendo’s design policy has always supported, but the news is coming stronger than ever before that the two companies are contemplating a straightforward upgrade to the Switch’s hardware, but the news of these two – Microsoft and Nintendo coming together to build a Switch hardware revision is an unusual concept.

The two companies have partnered on several projects before. Some of these projects are Banjo-Kazooie and Minecraft. Those partnerships will not be the same now, because there has never been a project between them in which they come together jointly to develop a piece of hardware.

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Nintendo has suffered its own share of loss when it had to cancel the Nintendo-PlayStation add-on for the SNES. It reminds those who knew that the new partnership will also boil down to many issues that must be dealt with; logistical and licensing issues that may come down to profits as well.

If both Nintendo and Microsoft come to agree on most things in this new partnership, they could work as equals and become an incredible force in the tech industry with the production of the Nintendo-Xbox Switch hybrid. While their hardware design philosophies differ greatly, one very much forward-looking, and the other making use of old components to make innovative products, one can lay the groundwork, while the other runs with it.

Microsoft could well the company to run with the blueprint and supercharge it. Its engineers could finalize work on a slick, ultra-powerful Switch that fans have spent years waiting for.