How to Watch Pluto TV in Canada in 2022

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Pluto TV is a US-only; but with the right strings, you should be able to watch Pluto TV in Canada as we will show here. Recently, we have seen the popularity of several online media streaming services surge. As the number of people who want to cut their cable TV keeps increasing, so is the number of online streaming platforms that offer similar, cheaper, and many times better services.

Today, there are such services as Hulu, Fubo, Netflix, YouTube TV, Disney+, Sling, and many others. If you have already tried these services and Pluto still catches your interest, we will show you how you can watch Pluto TV in Canada in a moment.

While many online streaming platforms are exclusive to the United States only, other media streaming services such as CBS All Access, Disney+, and Crave are all available in the Canadian market and are quite popular.


There are several factors you have to put in place before you sign up for a media streaming service. Chief among these factors is usually pricing and programming. You would want to pay as little as you can to enjoy as much as possible.

In this case, you can watch Pluto TV in Canada without paying a dime. This is because Pluto TV is a free to watch platform. You do not have to pay any subscription fee to enjoy the more than 250 channels on Pluto TV. However, you will have to put up with the ads being displayed on Pluto TV. This is how they monetize.

Having said that, you should also notice that Pluto TV has some channels being available in selected US markets. That is, you may not be able to watch all the 250+ channels on Pluto TV in Canada.

We have compiled this article to teach you how you can watch Pluto TV in Canada in 2021. Ensure you follow as we explain the steps.

What is Pluto TV

How To Watch Pluto Tv In Canada
How To Watch Pluto Tv In Canada

A US-only online streaming service, Pluto TV is a video-on-demand platform with the aim of delivering superb content to its broad customers without charging them for subscription fees. The platform already has more than 1000 TV shows and movies on its platform. It also has over 250 live TV channels, many of which you already probably know.

Pluto TV is believed to have 22 million viewers, a figure on par with universally available Hulu. Despite being a US-only platform, Pluto TV has recorded great strides.

Whether you are looking for sports and entertainment or news and movies, you will no doubt find the right channel for you when you watch Pluto TV in Canada. Some of the fascinating channels 9j Pluto TV include the likes of Animal Planet, CNN, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Channel, MTV6, among other big and popular channels.

One of the greatest advantages of watching Pluto TV in Canada is that you do not need to pay extra subscription fees to enjoy this amazing platform. All you have to do is get a stable internet connection, and you are on your way to enjoying high-quality content.

Why Pluto TV Cannot Be Watched in Canada

Although Pluto TV offers a very select few of its services in Canada and some European countries, these channels are quite limited. Hence, Pluto TV has largely remained a household name in the United States.

Its US-only strategy means that Pluto TV can only distribute content within the United States. Hence, in order to avoid legal battles and considering how expensive and lengthy content contracts are, Pluto TV has to majorly operate within the US.


How to Watch Pluto TV in Canada 2021

You should first visit the website so you can download the Pluto TV App on your computer or preferred device. In order to watch Pluto TV in Canada, you will need to use a VPN. This is because the Pluto TV platform makes use of geolocators. It can find your geographical location.

It can do this by tracking information from your IP address. In this way, if you attempt to stream Pluto TV outside of its permissible areas, you will not be able to stream the service. When you do this from a permissible area, however, you will be granted access easily.

Thanks to a Virtual Private Network, otherwise called VPN, you can now watch Pluto TV in Canada. The VPN creates a false and temporary connection between a server and the client. The two entities will then start interacting using some encryption in the process.


In order to watch Pluto TV in Canada, you need to subscribe to a premium VPN service. You can use the trusted and reliable IPVanish. It has more than 1400 servers in more than 75 locations around the world.

In addition to having a reliable and trusted, you do need to clear your browser cookies. The reason this is im8is because your browser will still save your most recent location. And this may stop you from accessing content available in other locations even if you use a VPN.

You shouldn’t activate your device location. Your device location will override the VPN location. This will also lock you out of the service.


  1. Download and Install your preferred VPN app or program on your device
  2. Connect the VPN to the Internet
  3. Select US (United States) as your location
  4. Go to Pluto TV and watch as many shows and movies as you want.

Supported Devices

Pluto TV can be accessed via any modern device that can connect to the Internet. This means you can use your Android smartphone or iPhone, iPad, PC, tablets, et cetera. It also supports Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, and more.

Final Words

Pluto TV is a great platform for streaming media content online. It is also a free service that means you don’t have to pay a dime to enjoy the interesting programming on Pluto TV. With more than 250 channels, you will surely find something that piques you every time.

Please, do not hesitate to drop a comment if you have further questions.