Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition is already official and without holes in the screen!


China is currently the world ‘s largest smartphone market and the “home” of countless Android manufacturers. However, this market is in recession, but we do not often have new devices. Now comes the Android smartphone, Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition!

First, Vivo is one of the fastest growing Chinese manufacturers today. However, it is also one of the brands that have the most surprised with the perfect example being the Living APEX, later known as Vivo Nex.

Therefore, we have to recognize that this is one of the most innovative and irreverent Android manufacturers. In this sense, we now see a new Android smartphone, this time with two screens and without holes in the screen, the new trend “mobile “.

Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition, the new Android smartphone was introduced today in China!

Second, it was this same Android manufacturer the first to give us a smartphone with the fingerprint reader built into the screen. This after having surprised us early in the year with the aforementioned Vivo APEX that would arrive at the market with the name “NEX”. Now we have the official successor of this beautiful Android smartphone. In this sense, we have a double screen here, with the front screen practically complete with very low margins. Incidentally, we do not have here any kind of “hole” on the screen or any other mechanism. No pop-up camera or similar solutions to the Mi MIX 3 with the slider.

The new and eccentric Android smartphone was officially presented today in China, as was reported in the international press. The terminal eliminates the need for complex mechanisms to house the front camera.


Therefore, we have here a new Android smartphone practically without margins or bezels. Although these are still present (and if necessary), the screen occupies the vast majority of the front panel. Well, even on the back panel we have a big screen…

Extremely irreverent, this is the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition!

However, the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition is expected to remain exclusive to the Chinese market and will hardly ever reach Europe. Still, by its irreverence and design differences, it is impossible not to pay attention to its characteristics.

The main screen on the left and the secondary screen on the right.

First, we have to stop and look at their two screens. Well, the first one has a total of 6.39 inches, filling almost the entire front panel. This is an AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels, so the Full-HD + standard with the 19: 9 format.

Secondly we have… a second screen! On its rear panel we have an AMOLED CRIMP with full-HD resolution. Therefore, it is a panel with 1920 x 1080 pixels and considerable margins. Something that also solves the need to have a front camera.

The new Android smartphone features two screens!

Third, at the top of this back panel, we have a ring, a circle with the two main chambers. We also have a total of 16 small LED’s to illuminate your selfies or self-portraits. Note also that we also have a conventional LED flash.

At the back, at the top, we have here the cameras, LED’s and a ring.

This “ring” is dubbed “Lunar Ring” and focuses the user’s gaze on this higher portion. This is exactly where we can find the LED’s to illuminate the photograph as shown in the Engadget report.

Looking more closely at the features we have here, first of all, a 12MP camera. In turn, this camera is aided by a second camera with 2MP resolution, here to aid in the measurement of depth of field and bokeh effect.

The Android smartphone features all your cameras in the back!

However, we still have a third sensor, a third chamber that makes the unlock system possible through 3D facial recognition. That is, we have here a similar solution as or more secure than the system TrueDepth of Apple.

One Android smartphone, two screens! (front – right, rear – left) © Engadget

This same (third) chamber also opens the doors to various augmented reality experiences. Something that can and should be gradually exploited by several Android manufacturers and that Apple is already doing.

What about the other features of Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition?

In addition to the splendor of the new screens as well as the new cameras, the smartphone features top features. First, we have here the processor Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm. Here as well as a total of 10GB of RAM such as the new OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition.


Secondly, we have, again, the fingerprint reader already embedded in the smartphone screen. Without forgetting also the 128GB of internal storage for the user as well as a battery of 3500mAh of capacity.

Thirdly we also have the Android operating system Pie 9.0 of the North American Google, the latest version. All this in a smartphone built-in metal (structure) but mostly in glass.

On a last note, its retail price will be the equivalent of $ 725 in China. Once again, Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition should not be marketed outside of your native country, unfortunately.

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