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Vapor Store
Vapor Store

Vapor Store: Do you still remember Popcorn Time? It was basically ‘Netflix’ for pirates! With many types of multimedia content available to users in a simple, completely free (and illegal) way. Well, it seems that ‘Popcorn’ now has a twin brother in the gaming world, as it is a Kodi-style application. That is, it is not illegal, but it can quickly become with some ‘tweaks’ that turn it into an authentic Steam or Epic Games of Pirated games.

Vapor Store: The Popcorn Time for pirated games?

Due to the popularity of Popcorn Time that originally hit the market in 2014, we had several clones of the app in other entertainment segments, which of course includes the world of video games… In short, it’s time to welcome the Vapor Store!

As you can see above, the Vapor Store is very similar to a Popcorn Time, the difference is that instead of movies or series, we have games for all tastes. Well, here’s what the developer ‘Sushy’ has to say about his application:

“The Vapor Store is a program that simplifies downloading and installing games on Windows. All games are direct downloads (no torrents), which need a download list (just like the list of IPTV channels you can upload to Kodi).”

In short, the Vapor Store will present all games in a beautiful interface, depending on the list you load into the program.

This is the key to the success of the program, the Vapor Store is nothing illegal, unlike Popcorn Time, which was already configured with several pirate sources based on torrents. That is, to use the application, you will have to find a game source, a kind of list, which may or may not be illegal. (For example the Steamunlocked website)

The Vapor Store is still under development, constantly receiving updates for its interface, as well as new features (such as the ability to work with ROM sites). However, the developer believes that the application is already at a stage where it is possible to be tested publicly, by everyone.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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