Users say some OnePlus 7 Pro units are affected by ghost touch issues

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OnePlus recently released their first ever real top tier flagship phone, the OnePlus 7 Pro and it comes with a top tier display. The phone garnered praised from DisplayMate for the amazing color accuracy of its display as well as the high 90Hz refresh rate its features. However, because the display is so amazing doesn’t mean it can’t be plagued by issues. The latest reports say that some users of the OnePlus 7 Pro in the OnePlus forums have complained that the display of their device has ghost touch problems.

In case you have no idea what the ghost touch issue is, it is when the display of a device begins to recognize touches that were never made. Just as the name suggests, when it happens, it looks like a ghost is tapping the display of your device. When it happens, you see your phone make responses to taps which you didn’t make. A video was also shared to prove the issue. Users who have been affected by the issue claim that it mostly occurs when they are using the keyboard or when in apps. They also said that the ghost taps usually happen on the upper part of the phone’s display.

According to some users, they had to turn off the screen with the power key and turn it back on to temporarily stop the problem. The issues happen randomly and as such, it has been quite difficult to prove it. You can check if your own device is affected by the issue by using the CPU-Z app. You can install it on your device for free by going to the Play Store. When the app is installed, launch it and wait for a minute.

Sure to let us know if you are also affected by this issue via the comments below.

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