Updated – Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram with problems!


Facebook and Whatsapp are in trouble. The reasons are not yet known, but it is affecting many users around the world, including Portugal and Brazil. Some people can not see images or status on Facebook. Others cannot send images through WhatsApp. There are also those who can not even log in to Facebook.

Some users can not sign in to Facebook. Others can not get to see updates from other people. Sending images through WhatsApp also always seems almost impossible.

The main problems seem to have started at one o’clock in the afternoon.

In WhatsApp, the complaints are dated at the same time.

Meanwhile, the complaints began to be felt on the Instagram as well. In fact, all these services are being heavily affected. 

This is not the first disruption of Facebook. In November, this social network was down because of a test that the company was running. However, at that time the problem lasted only about 40 minutes. Then it was exactly March 13 that these problems happened again and picked up exactly the same three networks. The same happened in April. However, there is still no clarification from Facebook.