UMi Release Updates And New ROMs For 3 Phones


It’s not enough to simply make a cheap phone these days, and Chinese phone makers finally realised this last year when we saw even smaller phone makers focus on producing system updates or custom ROMs.

UMi have done their best to keep keep up, not an easy task considering their ever expanding range of smartphones, and today have posted updates and new ROMs for some of their most popular devices.

Software UPDATE!!!

Rome.V3.03 ROM – SPFT version: https://community.umidigi.com/thread-2081-1-1.html

Iron Pro v3.02 ROM – SPFT version: https://community.umidigi.com/thread-2080-1-1.html

eMax mini CM12.1 installation guide + resources: https://community.umidigi.com/thread-2084-1-1.html

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umi emax 3UMi Emax

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