UMi Max Is Coming, Here Is What To Expect


This season has seen a lot of big phones. Some are even commenting that this is the season that will mark the return of the big phone. Is that true? Well, so far, it seems so.

UMi Max - Think BIG!
UMi Max – Think BIG!

UMi has been on the forefront of technology ever since its inception. This season, we have successfully launched the UMi Super (including its EURO Edition) and of course, the UMi London (which has just started shipping for our buyers). What next then? You have guessed right, the UMi Max!

What will the UMi Max be about? Let’s imagine from the name! Maybe it will come with a 6-inch screen. Not enough? Maybe it’ll be a AMOLED display! So no more sub-pat LCD displays on your big phone. Anyway, UMi Max is going to be a phone that’s made to do big things.

After using a lot of big phones, including the Xiaomi Mi Max, LeEco Le Max 2 and the Nubia Z11 Max, we thought the big phone market needed something that’s truly special and made with the consumer in mind. The next will be UMi Max?


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