UMi Iron Pro Reaches 50,000 Units Sold In Pre-sale


In mid-October, the Asian brand UMi announced its new device, the UMi Iron Pro. This device is a reworking of one of the most successful models of the brand, the Umi Iron, designed to incorporate interesting functionalities such as one-step fingerprint authentication or USB Type-C connectivity.

Two weeks after starting the pre-sale period, more than 50,000 units have been sold through the most important online stores around the world such as Amazon, Coolicool, MyEfox or AliExpress.

 This device was expected to be available by the end of this month, and it has been, since yesterday the first batch of 5,000 units left UMi factory, so that these units will soon come to their owners.

The device everyone talks about

UMi Iron pro is not just a best seller, but recognized media as GSM Arena or Android Headlines have wanted to be the first to publish news about this device. In addition, numerous websites such as GizChina have echoed the giveaway organized by UMi while others, like Geek Snack, have chosen to run their own UMi Iron Pro giveaway.


Manufacturing process

In the next picture, they can be seen several snapshots taken at the UMi factory in China, where the staff is finishing to assemble some batches of UMi Iron Pro.

 More information about the manufacturing process of this device can be found in the following video:


UMi Iron Pro will be on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the most important dates for online shopping lovers, due to the large number of deals taking place this day. UMi wanted to participate in this day of deals, so November 30th  to December 4th we will have the opportunity to acquire this interesting device for only $9,99. Information about this and other deals can be found on UMi Community, a forum where users can share their experiences with other people.

Users who do not get to acquire an UMi Iron Pro for $9,99 on Cyber Monday, can purchase it for a price of $179,99 with free flip cover and free shipping, substantially lower than the price of other devices of similar characteristics.


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