UMi Diamond – Why they called it this way?


Yesterday UMi announced a new smartphone after their successful launch of UMi Plus, the UMi Diamond. There has been some curiosity popping out about why this name was chosen, so the company decided to clear the doubts using some quotes as references.

UMi Diamond

“When you are facing difficulties, remember that diamonds are made under pressure.” Peter Marshall

This is the quote which inspired us the most – A Diamond is meticulously crafted by nature using pressure and becomes the hardest known natural material after this process, able to deal with every other natural element without receiving damage.

This quote is a motivational one, meaning we show our best when we give 100% in difficult situations, So we made sure UMi Diamond’s Display would be able to face hits and bumps in the best possible way, giving its 100% to stay intact when most of the other glasses would give up and break, with the goal of making it ”the Diamond among smartphones’ display screens”, able to resist to 1.2-1.5 meter drops 80% of the times, thanks to the patented Dual-glass T2x-1 technology.

“Diamonds have an image of purity and light.” Peter Singer

The Display of the UMi Diamond reproduces the images in a crisp and natural way, the image is pure as it should be, for a natural viewing experience of every content displayed. Forget over saturated panels or washed out one, colors are reproduced how they should be!

“True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.” Nicole Richie

That’s it, when we designed Diamond, we wanted to use an up-to-date design, so you would be proud to use it and show it to your friends! Colors used are shiny and vivid  and it’s really valuable because it gives high performances and resistance, even if the price is very convenient!

So, now we have a clearer picture about why the company called their new product Diamond – the hardness of the glass, the stylish design, the clear display, the high value for the price all make it a nice little gem!

To remember the specification of the phone,  the compact UMi Diamond is a 5 inches device with HD resolution screen covered by a  2.5D glass which uses the appreciated Dual T2X-1 glass protection, allowing it to better resist accidental bumps and scratches. The SoC is the Octa-Core 4G processor MT6753 clocked at 1.5 Ghz, The RAM is 3GB and the internal storage is 16GB with support  up to 128GB Micro-SD Card. Main Shooter is an 8mpx Camera and Selfie shooter is a 2mpx one, the battery is a 2650mAh unit and everything is moved by Android 6 Marshmallow.


Having Dual sim support and a dedicated Micro-SD slot will allow total flexibility, there is no need to sacrifice one sim card to use the external memory.

UMi Diamond will be available for pre-order starting from 20 of October at the price of 99.99$, after the pre sale the price will be the retail one of 119.99$, so be quick and pre-order yours soon!

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