Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Waterproof Speaker – High Performance & Durability


One thing sure about this portable speaker is it will be remembered as one of the best released Waterproof Bluetooth speakers in 2021.

Bluetooth speakers are good for listening to music, using Zoom, or listening to other things like podcasts when you can’t carry with you a loudspeaker that is so huge. You can make the sound from a small device like your smartphone sound a whole lot louder than have been possible in the past.

With this Ultimate Ears Boom 3, you get to create the Home-theater effect in sounds everywhere you go.


What’s Special About Ultimate Ears Boom 3?

It gives off ultimate sound. It is called 360° bold, immersive, crystal clear sound. The sound is good enough for you whether you are inside an enclosure or alfresco. Enjoy good beaming music when you’re at a picnic.

The good thing about this gadget is that it is powered for adventure. With the rechargeable battery intact, you and your friends can enjoy hours-long of good music without interruption. You’re able to make use of it on a single charge for about 15 hours at a go! That means the gadget can be used for the period of the whole daylight.

Boom 3
Boom 3

Design & Performance of Ultimate Ears Boom 3

For one thing, the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is as I mentioned, a waterproof, Bluetooth speaker. It is quite portable and easy to carry around. But more importantly, this gadget seems indestructible. That is very true since if it falls inside whatever you can bring it out, believing that no damage at all has been done inside it. It will simply float if it falls in the swimming pool or a river. The IP67 water and dustproof means that dust can’t harm it either.

The gadget is able to go through wild stress but the good sound will be there. Your music will still below lovely tunes.


Another thing to note about the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker is that it has what is called the magic button. The button helps you to play, pause, skip and control any music being streamed. You can do that with just a touch on the Bluetooth speaker. On the other hand, the user could set up custom one-touch playlists for Spotify in Android, Amazon music unlimited, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, and Deezer Premium. The Bluetooth is able to work at a range of about 150 feet.

Pairing The Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker
Pairing The Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Cool Facts about Ultimate Ears Boom 3

  • It updates via app
  • Charging dock compatibility
  • Battery life up 15 hrs
  • Drop-proof compliant
  • One Touch to your Music
  • Waterproof
  • Bold sound, with deep bass

Use of Partyup Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Waterproof Speaker

For the Bluetooth speaker, it is possible to make use of the PartyUp found on the boom and megaboom app to create several surround-sound experiences. You have several combinations like pairing Boom 3 with Megaboom 3, and also try other ways. Just play around with it to see what you prefer. But note that Boom 3 is covered with a nice piece of fabric that’s tough and enduring.


Price of Ultimate Ears Boom 3

At the time of this writeup, the price of the waterproof Bluetooth speaker is $187

What Users Are Saying about Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Malcolm: I love the fact that I can always use the Magic Button for basic sound control. I like it because I can also use that control on all my music services.

Evelyn: This Bluetooth speaker is a must for me anytime I go picnicking. My friends love it too. If I don’t bring it out on time, someone who knows about it will ask.

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