Ulefone Armor X8
Ulefone Armor X8

The cheapest Android 10 rugged Smartphone is a good device. A quick look reveals it has 4GB memory, 64GB storage, and much more for a low price tag. It is the new Ulefone Armor X8, a phone that is receiving attention because of Black Friday sales online. The deal makes sense and there are speculations that buyers can get a good deal by November end.

What makes Ulefone Armor X8 spectacular? True, it is not one of the nicest-looking rugged devices out there, it does not have features of high-end smartphones, but it is indeed a cheerful device that’s worth it for the price and durability. The Android 10 OS is a hit for this smartphone, and it appears this is one thing that makes it spectacular.

Here is a device with an IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810G rating. Count on it to prevent water damages, dust, or other dangerous substances from penetrating the smartphone. With an eight-core MediaTek processor, which is combined with 4GB memory, and 64GB storage, the buyer can’t go wrong.

Ulefone Armor X8
Ulefone Armor X8

It sells very cheaply online now at $114.99, or at £89. Originally, the announced price tag was $159, so it is a matter of grabbing it before the price goes up later this month. Yes, this device is very affordable, yet it boasts a few strong features that fans love.

First, it comes with NFC, a fingerprint sensor at the rear, Bluetooth 5.0, big battery for the user to enjoy when making long journeys outdoors, and Wi-Fi 5. Also, there are three camera sensors placed at the rear of the smartphone.

There are a few downsides to it too, like the tacky yellow trim, weak processor, and a not so good screen resolution. Some would love to have this type of phone come with a high def display. Too bad, such is not the case. That is not a bad thing though, because it is hard to find a similar rugged smartphone with these same features and at a price this low.

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