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Udacity is going to launch a free scholarship program worth millions of dollars for economically weaker American workers. Under this scholar scheme, Udacity will offer 100,000 free skill-based learning courses to the American workers. This program is a part of the Pledge to America’s Workers initiative started by US President Donald Trump.

Udacity through a blog post has announced that the company is going to fund 100,00 Udacity tech and analytics scholarships for workers in the United States. It will offer free classes for technology-based courses to 20,000 applicants yearly starting from 2020 to 2024. The free courses will strengthen the skills of the workers applying for jobs in fields such as front-end web development, mobile app development, and data analytics.

Udacity Will Offer 100,000 Free Programming Courses To America's Workers

The eligibility criteria for the free scholarship program is not yet announced by Udacity. However, the program is for low-income workers who are looking for high-paying, future-proof careers in the tech world.

The newly appointed chief executive of Udacity, Gabe Dalporto said that the free program will help workers seeking high-paying jobs as they will be awarded an opportunity to learn in-demand expertise.

Udacity’s free scholar program will be rolled out in two phases:

In phase 1, the selected candidates need to dedicate a few hours per week for 2 to 3 months. During this phase, the candidates will be enrolled for Udacity’s challenge courses in filed of tech and analytics.

Moving on to the second phase, the top 10,000 candidates from the first phase will qualify for the Nanodegree scholarship. It would costs around $399 per month for a regular candidate to acquire an Udacity Nanodegree and the course period is 5 months.

Online application for the Udacity’s Pledge to America’s Workers free scholarship program will start in early 2020. However, you can also pre-register by visiting this link to get notified when the application starts.

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