What is TuTu App, How to Download, Install and Use?

The Tutu App is an app store alternative just like Blackmart for Android devices. With the Tutu app, you have access to lots of games and apps to download, including the paid ones which can be downloaded via the Tutu app for free. The Tutu app was developed as a Chinese app store for users in china and as such, comes in only one language which is Chinese. However, the app have since garnered a global audience due to its numerous features and ease of use and the fact that it is the only platform to release a modded Version of the popular game called Pokemon Go. The modded Version included a lot of nifty features like the fake location hack as well as the walking and GPS hack.

Now, a lot of people, most of who don’t speak Chinese wanted to make use of the app but couldn’t because of the language barrier. This has now prompted the developers of the app to come up with an English version of the app to reach a more wider/global audience. The Tutu app is often referred to as the bunny app which is because the logo of the app is that of a face of a smiling bunny. The app is free to download on both android and iOS device regardless of if it has been rooted or jailbroken. As long as you have a working smart phone – iOS or Android, Rooted or Not, jailbroken or not – you will be able to download and use the Tutu app to download your favourite paid apps and games for free.

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If you have a PC and would also like to make use of the Tutu app on your PC then you would be glad to know that the app has a PC version ready for download.

What Makes Tutu App Special?

The Tutu app is perhaps the only app store alternative that cuts across all platforms and has an app for iOS, android and PC. The apps interface is also easy to use and navigate through which makes looking for an app and downloading a breeze. The best and perhaps the highlight of the Tutu app features is the fact that you download premium apps for free without having to spend a dime. Any app you see on the app is available for download at not extra cost.

Is the Tutu App safe to use?

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This question isn’t a yes or no answer as they haven’t been any reports of any malicious attempts from users of the app to give such an answer. However, there are some reports from some users of the app who say that the Tutu App requested permission to access the dialer app/make calls or read/send messages. This is not suppose to be so as the only two things the app should need permission to are your data connection (or WiFi) and storage to saved the apps you’re going to download. Asides thesw two, any other permission could actually be putting your privacy at risk.

Now if you’re using an android smart phone running Android 6.0 marshmallow or higher then you can simply navigate to your settings and revoke the app’s permission to access anything you don’t feel comfortable with. If you value your privacy then the Tutu app may not be the app for you.

How to download the Tutu App

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If you search for the app on the Google Play store for Android or apple app store for iOS then you won’t see the app there. The only way to get the app will be to side-load it into smartphone. To do that follow the steps below.

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For Android

  • Navigate to the settings menu of your android device and turn on “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” Which should be under “Security”. It might be in a Different location depending on your software version/device.
  • Once you’re done with that, head to the Tutu App Website [http://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r=overseaTutu/ovAnIndex] and download the app in apk format.

  • Install the app, launch it and you’re all good and can start downloading premium apps for free.

For iOS

  • Launch the Safari Browser on your iOS device. [Do not use any other browser for this]
  • In your Safari app, Visit the Tutu Website [Tutuapp.com] and download the install the application.

  • Launch the app and you’re good to go.

  • The app doesn’t require you to root your android device or jailbreak your iOS device for it to work. However, if your android device is rooted or your iOS device is jailbroken, you can still run the Tutu app.


    If you can overlook the privacy issue or have an android device running Android 6.0 marshmallow or above which can revoke apps permission then the Tutu app is definitely for you. The Tutu app is your gateway to easily download premium apps for free on your android and iOS device and with the English version now available you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

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    1. Great tutuapp app, with both iOS and Android versions, very convenient for everyone. But I wonder why there are so many download sites like yours. Hope you answer the questions.


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