Trump confirms, US companies will continue to sell to Huawei


During the G20 summit, US President Trump made some statements that seem to be starting an easing of tensions with China and a possible resolution of the situation that resulted in the controversial Huawei Ban. Although nothing has yet been written and decided definitively, the relations of American companies with Chinese companies, Huawei in the first place, could soon be back on track.

Here is an excerpt of the words spoken by Trump:

I allowed companies to continue selling products … I like the idea that our companies sell things to others … very complex things. […] Our companies were very upset, but we are allowing this collaboration. So, if it does not become a national security problem, we will allow them to continue trading.

Trump is therefore more aware of how the situation could evolve in a negative way, even for his country, and how cooperation between the US and China is fundamental, especially with regard to patents and technologies. The US president then made further reflections on the Huawei case, there is talk of a possible trade agreement to be completed by next Tuesday.

We are arriving at the epilogue with Huawei, we will see what will be decided with the trade agreement

At the moment nothing has been written in black and white, Trump says he will discuss the matter by Tuesday with the Commerce Department, but the next step could be direct negotiation with Chinese President Xin Jinping.

Officiality is still lacking, it is good to remember, but the assumptions lead to more relaxed atmospheres. Trump had also threatened to impose new tariffs on imports from China, even these denials during the G20 summit. The ban imposed on Huawei and other Chinese companies by the United States is redesigning the market for consumer electronics and network infrastructures, its resolution is very much awaited. We will follow the situation, updating you in the coming days if significant developments develop.

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