transfer files on PC to iphone
transfer files on PC to iphone

One of the most widespread questions that users ask themselves is: how do I transfer videos from PC to iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr, 8 and 8 Plus? One of the main problems of an Apple device is the inability to transfer video from computer to iPhone directly. In fact, you can not do the same procedure as an Android device, which allows you to connect the phone and move the files in their respective folders. However, there are some excellent solutions that allow you to transfer movies from PC to iPhone in a few easy steps. You can rely on the well-known iTunes software and the iCloud photo library.

In this handy tutorial, we will explain how to transfer movies from PC to iPhone with the two methods mentioned above. At the end, we are sure that most of you will have learned to use at best the method that best suits you and that meets your needs.

How to transfer video from PC to iPhone with iTunes

The first method we recommend to try out is syncing movies with iTunes. We are facing one of the best and easiest methods ever to transfer movies from the PC to the iPhone. All you need is a computer, your iPhone and iTunes installed. If you do not have it you can download it from the official Apple page at the following address. For those who have a Mac, however, there will be no need to download the program, as it is already pre-installed inside.

Once this is done, you can finally move on to the actual transfer procedure by following the following steps:

  1. First of all, connect the iPhone in your possession to the computer using a Lightning cable;
  2. Now wait for iTunes to start automatically;
  3. Once the program has opened, tap the icon that represents your iPhone;
  4. Tapped on the photo wording, present in the left side menu;
  5. Check the Sync photos option;
  6. Now use the drop-down menu Copy Photo to choose the Choose Folder option;
  7. Select the folder that collects the movies to be transferred;
  8. In conclusion, tap on Apply and Fine.

Following the steps are just shown, it will automatically start synchronizing the selected movies. Once finished, you will find in your iPhone all the movies that were present in the previously selected folder.

How to transfer video from PC to iPhone without iTunes

ICloud photo library, a valid alternative

One of the best ways to switch movies from your PC to the iPhone is to benefit from the iCloud Photo Library . This is a very appreciated function that has been present for some time. It allows you to automatically upload movies and images to iCloud. Logically, to exploit it you will need to have an iCloud account. By relying on this function, therefore, the movies you select will be available on all the devices of the Californian company with the same iCloud account.

The procedure changes according to the operating system used on your PC.

If you have a computer with Windows on board, you will need to download and install iCloud. Once the software is installed and open, log in with your Apple ID, select the iCloud Photo Library options and Upload new photos and videos from my PC and tap on Fine. Continuing, turn your attention into the Pictures / iCloud / Photos / Uploads folder and copy all the movies you want to transfer into it.

For those who use a Mac, the procedure to follow is much easier. Simply open the Photos app and drag all the movies you want to go through. Now, the synchronization of new files will be done automatically. If this is not the case, you will need to make sure that the following options are enabled: Photo and iCloud Photo Library within the System Preferences menu.

Finally, by the way, be sure to enable the iCloud Photo Library option on your iPhone, by going to Settings – Photos.

We hope that the tutorial on how to transfer movies from computer to iPhone has really served you. For any problem please write to us.

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