Toyota embraces Android Auto: with these 6 models you can go on the road

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Android Auto works with a whole bunch of car brands together, with a few exceptions including Toyota. The Japanese have just announced at the Chicago Auto Show that this will change. These are the first Toyota’s with support for Android Auto.

Android Auto Toyota: with these cars, you can get on the road

A reliable source said in September 2018 that the collaboration between Google and the car manufacturer would be announced before the end of that year, but apparently, it took a little longer.

The Japanese have just announced which models can handle the operating system for cars. This mainly includes cars that will be released in 2020. These Toyota’s support Android Auto:

  • Toyota Aygo (2018)
  • Toyota Yaris (2019)
  • Toyota 4Runner (2020)
  • Toyota Sequoia (2020)
  • Toyota Tacoma (2020)
  • Toyota Tundra (2020)

Striking absentees are the popular Corolla and Prius models. They may be added later. The announcement is striking because Toyota in 2015 still fiercely opposed Android Auto.

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The company saw no future in the operating system and was working on its own system. Toyota even worked with manufacturer Ford to resist Google. The ‘alliance’ was afraid that Google’s system would be too big.

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This is how Android Auto works

Are you planning to buy one of the above cars and do you want to use Android Auto? Then it is important to know that the app is not (yet) in some country’s Play Store.

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Yet it is easy to put the operating system on your phone. As soon as this is successful, you only need to connect your smartphone to your car with a USB cable.

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