Toy Story 4 1st Trailer Arrives With Teaser Poster


Fans who have for years been thrilled have been waiting, Disney and Pixar too; and they must have been waiting for long, but now the moment has arrived. Toy Story 4 first trailer is out and it comes with something interesting.

No doubt, there will be a lot on the table of Disney when it comes to marketing Toy Story 4. Of course, it is the usual thing for the foremost trailer to introduce the movie cast to the audience. For this movie, it is the same. Furthermore, even though we are not supposed to know anything about the movie as we watch the trailer, in the case of Toy Story we are introduced to an entirely new character who has a challenge with self!

The new character, described as Forky, is a ‘guy’ with bulging eyes and pipe cleaner arms. He is not a toy like Woody, Buzz, and others characters in the gang, he is very much aware of that fact. The trailer concludes by showing Forky having something of a panic attack, and he was screaming about how he doesn’t belong among the pack.

Disney and Pixar have also released the first teaser poster for Toy Story 4 on the same day. This poster only features Woody tipping his hat to something or someone that was not obvious at all in the poster.

For some time, fans have thought that Toy Story 3 was the last movie. Now it seems to fans again that Toy Story 4 is surely going to be the last of the movies. Of course, Disney waited till the beginning of when Toy Story 3 premiered before it announced Story 4. No one can tell whether Toy Story 4 is the last of the series.

With this trailer and poster out now, it is believed that Toy Story 4 is really going to have a massive marketing campaign. Probably, this will be something very much bigger than in the past. However, fans are awaiting more trailers, posters, and TV ad spots as the end of the year arrives. Notably, Toy Story 4 premieres on June 21 2019. No doubt, fans will be eagerly awaiting that date with pronounced excitement.