TOP 9 Anti-Blue Light PC Glasses in the WORLD (2023)

It has happened to everyone: those who spend many hours in front of the PC screen, sooner or later find themselves with eye strain.

The term CVS, from the English Computer Vision Syndrome, defines a series of disorders that include redness, tearing or dry eyes, photophobia, headaches, and pains in the neck or back.

It is also evident that the position of the device, the distance from the screen, the lighting of the room, and any pre-existing visual problems can worsen the picture.

But is there any way to protect your eyes and limit PC fatigue?

Yes, it is possible and today we will understand:

  1. The most important features of blue light glasses
  2. The best anti-blue light glasses on the market today

Let’s find out!

Anti-blue light glasses: Selection Guide

anti blue light glasses
Anti Blue Light Glasses

Blue light: what is it and why does it hurt?

PC on the desk, tablet always in the bag, let’s not talk about the mobile phone… We are surrounded by LED screens and blue light. But what is it and what are the risks for our eyes?

Light is divided into a visible light spectrum, with wavelengths from 380 nm (nanometers) to 780 nm, and a non-visible light spectrum, which includes wavelengths preceding 380 nm (defined as ultraviolet) and those beyond i780 nm (defined infrared).

Blue light is defined as the non-visible component between 380 nm and 500 nm, also known as high energy visible light (HEV).

While UV rays are absorbed by the cornea and lens of adult individuals, blue light penetrates the lens, reaching the retina. In particular, the blue-violet wavelengths between 380 and 440 nm are considered one of the possible causes of photo-retinitis, i.e. the damage to the retina caused by high-energy incident light.

blue light effect on health
Blue Light Effect On Health

Headaches and migraines, eye fatigue, sleep disturbance, and retinal damage are the main consequences of blue light on the eyes! Credits:

Blue light is naturally present in a high percentage in daylight, while it is greatly reduced in the evening hours. Spending a day outdoors makes us absorb a significant amount of blue light, which has beneficial effects on our body.

It contributes to the production of vitamins, regulates our hormonal balance, and positively affects our mental and physical well-being. The human eye is used to being exposed to blue light during the day and reacts accordingly. The pupil tends to shrink to regulate the luminous flux but is unable to discriminate the nature of the wavelength.

The possible damage of blue light

If the subject pays close attention to what he is doing, such as working in front of a screen, the rhythmic closing of the eyelids becomes less frequent. This condition in which the eyes close less frequently causes dryness of the corneal surface, as well as possible damage to the lens and retina.

Today’s PC monitors or TV displays are the main suspects: the light emitted by these devices has a very high component of wavelengths in the blue spectrum. Mind you, the amount of HEV light these devices emit is only a small fraction of that emitted by the sun.

However, the time spent using these devices is very concerned about the possible effects they can have on the eyes. And despite the symptoms of CVS, which however present themselves with different levels of intensity and tend to disappear after a few hours from the end of the work, the blue light is harmful, even in the long term.

blue light computer glasses
Blue Light Computer Glasses – The anti-blue light glasses use filters on the lenses capable of reducing the “blue light” from 20 to 90%.

In the long run, blue light can lead to a reduction in the density of the macular pigment, which represents one of the risk factors for the onset of maculopathy.

7 tricks to limit blue light stress

Just as we all know how important it is to wear sunglasses for UV protection in bright sunlight, so we must pay attention to “invisible” blue light.

In fact, LED devices in xenon light, which as we know create the backlight in most monitors and televisions, contain a higher percentage of blue light than traditional light bulbs. The different spectral composition of the light leads to exposure to a particularly high quantity of blue light, which in some cases can create more or less pronounced annoyances.

We note that the blue light from such devices could not only create eye and vision problems but could also cause insomnia.

It is scientifically proven that blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland that is essential for regulating sleep-wake cycles.

Therefore, even more so if we use a laptop before going to bed, or in any case a monitor we work on before going to bed, the anti-blue light glasses can be really useful, also to facilitate the subsequent sleep.

Before seeing blue light PC glasses, however, I find it useful to remember that there are some simple tricks to limit the risks associated with blue light exposure.

Among these we find:

  1. Adjust the brightness of the screen (the lower it is, the less it will stress the eyes).
  2. Change the background color from bright white to light gray.
  3. Do not place the screen towards the window, as the reflection is also harmful.
  4. Use blue light goggles to selectively shield the wavelengths of light.
  5. Increase the font size to make it easier to read.
  6. In the United States, they often recommend the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet (60cm) away for 20 seconds.
  7. If you still have dry eyes with the methods above, try any blue light software/apps (which add a reddish color to the display).


blue light pc glasses
Blue Light Pc Glasses

We have seen that blue light radiation emitted by artificial light sources or screens can be irritating or cause eye fatigue for many people. Not surprisingly, pathologies related to the macula are on the rise, which can also cause serious vision problems.

A physical blue light filter can ensure clearer vision: the different wavelengths of visible light are refracted in slightly different ways by the cornea and the lens. It is for this reason that today special protective glasses for monitors are on the market, with lenses equipped with an anti-blue light filter.

What are the anti-blue light PC glasses for?

Anti-blue light PC glasses are born with the express purpose of protecting the eyes from the most harmful wavelengths emitted by LED/LCD displays.

It is a type of eyewear suitable for those who have problems reading in front of a computer, as well as those who feel fatigue in the eyes, which can be both dryness and difficulty focusing after being in front of the display.

These are protective glasses, which can also be worn by those who do not have vision problems, even simply for preventive purposes.

In practice, they offer an enhanced field of view for optimal vision up close and at intermediate distances, allowing a more relaxed and natural posture in front of the monitor.

Computer glasses differ from regular glasses or reading glasses because they are designed to optimize vision when viewing an electronic device (typically a PC monitor).

They are designed to reduce glare, filter out blue light, increase contrast, and reduce difficulty in focusing, making it easier to look at a screen for long periods.

There are characteristics of a neutral PC eyewear, i.e. without visual corrections applied, which are important in all cases. Let’s see the main ones:

Anti-reflection coating (AR)

This is a coating that eliminates light reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lenses, which could cause eye fatigue.

Lens tinting

optical lens tinting
Optical Lens Tinting

Some pc glasses have a generally yellow-tinted tint, designed to increase the contrast on the screen and filter out the blue light spectra so that the eye muscles relax. The lenses of some brands are darker, also suitable as sun lenses, with photochromic protection. As a degree of protection, yellow, together with transparent, remains the best.

Anti-scratch lenses

Of course, glasses are often handled, they can fall out and you hit them. By fitting anti-scratch lenses, you will avoid having to make an additional expense if the lenses are damaged

Anti-flicker lenses

Almost all anti-blue light lenses are also referred to as anti-flicker. Theoretically, they should be designed to make the viewing of the display more homogeneous, filtering any micro-flickering. In practice, personally, I have not found any particular scientific research on this aspect, so you have to trust the manufacturer as to whether it is useful or not. I don’t think it is fundamental.


An essential feature of good PC glasses is the comfort of the frame. Being devices to be worn for many hours a day, they must avoid straining the face. The materials used, therefore, play an important role!

So here’s everything you need to know about blue light and the choice of PC glasses.


Anti-blue light computer glasses: Ranking

1. Nowave – PC Landfall Resting Glasses

nowave pc landfall resting glasses
Nowave Pc Landfall Resting Glasses

Nowave is an Italian company specialized in the sector of eyewear with blue light filters.

Neutral glasses for PC anti-blue light are among the best ever, given the high ability to filter invisible light, confirmed by a decidedly lower dryness of the eyes after using them for a couple of hours.

These are specific anti-blue light PC glasses to avoid eye fatigue and damage during long sessions in front of the computer.

Nowave offers over 60 models of anti-blue light glasses and the frames are in acetate, titanium, and metal, therefore light and resistant.

The frames come from the East, while the lenses are very Italian, assembled in laboratories between Piedmont and Tuscany. Nowave Landfall glasses are a unisex model and neutral lenses are used, which offer good protection against blue light, all at very competitive prices, thanks to the direct producer-consumer distribution chain.

These are glasses for office PCs, or for home use in front of a TV or tablet, and they provide complete eye protection. These anti-blue light lenses are made of CR39, a latest-generation organic material, the most used by opticians in recent years.

CR39 is a much better material than polycarbonate, which is often used for this type of lens in cheaper models, as polycarbonate has poor results with regards to oleophobicity (a treatment that makes the lens or screen refractory to grease. deposited by fingerprints) and anti-scratch.

The lenses have a UV400 filter, which then filters out both UV-A and UV-B rays, and filters out most of the blue light at 430nm. They are equipped with HMC anti-reflective treatment and have a refractive index of 1.59, more than enough.

They are also anti-scratch and anti-glare, which also makes them perfect for night driving.

Equipped with CE, FDA, SGS, and Colts Laboratories (specialized in ophthalmic products) certifications, they are anti-flicker from monitors, so as to be particularly suitable for those who stay several hours in front of the PC.

The frame is in fact in TR90, a mix of nylon and carbon fiber that makes it light, flexible, and resistant, offering greater resistance to shocks and tractions.

These are made in Italy anti-blue light glasses that have become particularly appreciated because they are able to make the eyes feel more rested during work.

As soon as you put them on you don’t seem to notice much difference, but after wearing them for 4-5 hours, when they take them off, the monitor light will look really annoying.

These glasses convince both for the efficiency of protection and for the elegance of the frame. The materials chosen are of excellent quality, and the frame is hypoallergenic. From the first use, you can enjoy greater comfort and visual relaxation, preserving the well-being of the eye, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

Inside the package, in addition to the glasses, we find a hard case, a small cloth to clean the glasses, and a soft fabric case.

A quality made in Italy, with an excellent value for money and one of the absolute bestsellers among anti-blue light glasses for smart working, even among professionals. Not by chance.

Nowave – PC Landfall Resting Glasses – Price: 49.00 euro

2. Klim Optics – Blue Light Glasses

klim optics blue light glasses
Klim Optics Blue Light Glasses

Klim Technologies is a famous European brand known for the production of its popular anti-blue light glasses.

Klim Optics goggles guarantee true protection in front of screens. The lenses, made in Germany and in polycarbonate, filter 92% of blue light, a value much higher than the market average.

The frame is made of TR90, a very high-quality material: it is the lightest thermoplastic fabric available in the world and is used for high-quality frames. It is a flexible material, resistant to shocks and wears, it is not bent by heat and water repellent. Weighing only 20g, it’s practically like not wearing them.

They are born as top-quality gaming glasses, therefore for sessions of several hours in front of a monitor.

The Gaming Klim Optics glasses differ in a sporty style, have a thin metal structure near the lenses, and with temples covered with a rubberized material, pleasant to the touch. The two nose pads are in transparent rubber, with an interlocking fixing system that does not require screws.

The yellow tint of the lenses causes a slight color change, but it only takes a few minutes to become familiar with the new different shades of colors. The differences are highlighted in the absence of sunlight, with contrasting colors on the screen, which however improve the readability of the texts, as well as eliminate glare in case of excessive brightness of the screen.

The purpose of these glasses is to prevent any nuisance that blue light can create, and they are very suitable both for gamers who spend hours on this fun and for those who work long hours at the computer, perhaps in environments illuminated with artificial light.

Klim Technologies does not make prescription lenses, but the company makes the Clip-On variant, or the Klim OTG lenses, which can be attached to prescription glasses. The advice is not to overlap the graduated frame with this frame, to avoid problems of refraction and inclination.

Klim Optics lenses use an additional protective layer that further reduces light transmission in the blue frequencies. So the yellow lenses of this brand have a filtering capacity of 92%, the transparent ones of 86%.

Overall these are CE-certified PC glasses, with really good lenses. At first, the yellow color can be confusing, but after a very short time, you don’t notice it anymore. They come in a box with a hard case pouch and microfiber cloth.

Klim Optics – Blue Light Glasses – Price: 39.90 euro

3. Pixel Lens – Anti-fatigue lenses

pixel lens
Pixel Lens

Also in this case we are talking about an Italian company for the production of anti-blue light glasses, with all the necessary certifications.

The lenses in question reduce the Blue Light emitted by PCs, tablets, smartphones, and LED bulbs by 41%.

They are specific for eyestrain, dryness, and redness of the eyes, headaches, blurred vision, insomnia. They produce greater visual comfort and relaxation, allowing you to continue to stand in front of the monitors, without feeling tired.

The unisex frame is ultralight, with a TR90 front (which combines nylon and carbon fiber) and steel temples. The lenses are made of polycarbonate and are treated with anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-glare, and anti-flicker of the monitors.

The lenses are graduated for presbyopia and range from gradation ranging from 0 to +3.00.

A truly excellent product.

Pixel Lens – Anti-fatigue lenses – Price: 44.90 euros

4. Horus X – Unisex Rest Goggles

horus x
Horus X

Horus X is the registered trademark of the French company Upcylink, created by three fans of video games and innovative technologies. Over time, however, they realized the daily damage of blue light on health and the need to offer a quality solution.

From here were born two models of anti-blue light glasses: the Gaming, ideal for those who spend hours playing, and the Casual, designed for daily work use.

Horus X glasses are fully included in the list of the best PC glasses. They are CE-certified glasses, with a contemporary design, guaranteed for life, and protect the health of the eyes in the long term.

The Casual model offers blued lenses, treated with an anti-reflective and anti-scratch UV400 filter, which avoids straining the eyes when staring at the screen for many hours.

The lenses have double protection, both from 100% UV rays and from blue light with 50% filtration. Although the lenses tend towards orange, they are transparent and the colors of the screen are only minimally altered, and therefore are also ideal for those involved in graphics and design.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate, an ultra-light, and soft material, but they are not corrective, while they work for contact lens wearers. The frame is light, flexible, rather wide, and adapts to the shape of the face.

The materials are resistant and durable, with reinforced metal hinges, and have a Soft Protect coating that guarantees absolute comfort on the skin. The glasses work very well and do not disappoint both in terms of the quality of the materials and the design. In the package, there is a hard case and a cloth to clean the lenses. It is a product that lives up to expectations.

Horus X – Unisex Rest Glasses – Price: 29.00 euro

5. Cyxus – Anti-Fog Blue Light Glasses

cyxus anti fog blue light glasses
Cyxus Anti Fog Blue Light Glasses

The American brand Cyxus offers a series of models that have become a real cult, all with features, functionality, and distinctive traits, able to block blue rays and significantly limit damage to the eyes.

It is an eyewear brand that boasts decades of experience in the field of eye protection and offers high-quality eyewear, despite the very competitive price.

The lens filter guarantees excellent protection from both blue light and UV rays. This is possible thanks to the HEV-Absorb technology, applied on all lenses. The company’s products, in addition to reducing fatigue, reduce the risk of headaches and insomnia.

Glasses filter out the most harmful blue light and allow you to sleep well. The model that is proposed today is made with an ultra-light frame and a minimal chic design, which adapts to any type of face, also making it very pleasant.

It features 5 comfortable hinges and temples and features an improved nose pad to ensure maximum comfort and minimum weight and pressure on the face. The lenses, made of polycarbonate, are anti-fog, a very useful additional option for those who wear the mask for hours, anti-scratch and neutral (i.e. without gradation), and block UV400 rays, limiting redness and dryness of the eyes.

They are ideal for those who work long hours in front of the computer, especially for those who wear contact lenses and need to use artificial tears often to lubricate their eyes. The frame can be a bit narrow for a large face, and the lenses are not graduated, since they are only used to shield the eyes from the monitor’s rays.

They are light, resistant, and compact PC glasses, even if it is good to remember that they are neither eyeglasses nor for rest nor reading, and if used out of the context for which they must be used they do not cause any beneficial effect.

The materials are of good quality, the lenses are transparent so as not to change the colors and the package includes, in addition to the glasses, the case, a microfiber cloth, and a kit that allows you to check the effective functionality of the lenses.

Cyxus – Anti-Fog Blue Light Glasses – Price: 29.99 euros

6. Sojos – Vintage Ashley

sojos vintage ashley
Sojos Vintage Ashley

The American brand Sojos produces blue light safety glasses with special designs and scratch-resistant lenses. They are glasses that help reduce the symptoms of eyestrain during prolonged exposure to the computer.

The frame is comfortable and light, it comes with a refined and resistant design that gives the possibility to change the lenses with the graduated ones. Inside the package, we find the glasses, microfiber case, cleaning cloth, a flashlight to check the operation of the glasses, and a kit containing all the spare parts.

These glasses are made with reinforced metal frames, soft silicone nose pads that can adapt to different nose shapes, and durable metal hinges, all details that guarantee perfect performance.

The lenses are in the classic polycarbonate material, they are not graduated and the molecular bond offers an anti-scratch coating. They are slightly yellowish and filter 25% of the blue light emitted by PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

The size of the lens is generous, and this allows you not to have the framing effect in front of the eyes. There are tons of models to choose from, with different colors and designs, all with ultra-resistant frames.

Surely one of the brands that pay more attention to design, even if it partially compromises its ability to absorb the amount of blue light.

Sojos – Vintage Ashley – Price: 24.98 euros

7. Cyxus – Transparent Blue Light Glasses

cyxus transparent
Cyxus Transparent

Cyxus is a famous American professional brand, with FDA certification, CE, and RoHS certification.

Since 2009 it has been distributing special glasses, designed by those who spend many hours in front of the computer and find themselves at the end of the day with red and tired eyes. The purpose of the brand is to offer accessories at a competitive price with lenses that protect from the blue light reflected by the monitors and displays of other technological products.

We are talking about anti-fatigue products for the eyes, which reduce the risk of headaches and insomnia, and not medical devices, and even in this case, you cannot choose prescription lenses.

They are glasses that combine design and functionality, with an elegant and essential style. Ideal for protecting the eyes from UV rays and blue light, thanks to the HEV-Absorb technology that provides excellent protection, they are glasses that allow you to take advantage of electronic devices without having repercussions on a deep and restorative sleep.

The lenses are made of classic polycarbonate material, covered with a nanometric grade waterproof film and a hard film to avoid encrustations. The frame is minimal and light enough, with a more contained nose pad design, so as to give as little discomfort as possible, and with 5-layer hinges to avoid breakage resulting from intensive use.

Cyxus also stands out for the variety of products, being able to choose from a fair range of frames, as well as being able to select different colors.

The reduction against blue light reaches up to 40%, the lenses are anti-glare and are not graduated. However, it should be noted that although they are designed to filter UV400 rays, they do not alter any color (as often happens in PC glasses), and are also suitable for those who make computer graphics or for those who do not want the colors to be distorted.

Beautiful to look at, with a convenient case and cleaning cloth, they are glasses that do their job well, while maintaining a more than moderate price.

Cyxus – Transparent Blue Light Glasses – Price: 35.00 euro

8. Pixel Kura – Lens Vogue

pixel kura lens vogue
Pixel Kura Lens Vogue

The Italian Pixel Kura offers two types of direct protection devices for the eyes: glasses and films to be applied to PC monitors, tablets and smartphones.,

The protective lenses of the Pixel glasses are particularly interesting because they are able to filter 99.9% of UV rays and 41% of the blue light emitted by PCs, tablets, smartphones, and LED bulbs.

These glasses are suitable not only for those who spend several hours in front of the PC but also for those who have been operated on for cataracts with replacement of the lens.

Lightweight, unisex, available in different models and colors, they have polycarbonate lenses and are made up of 8 coatings: anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-UV, anti-glare, anti-blue light, anti-glare, and anti-flicker of the monitor.

The company claims the glasses are also electromagnetic radiation-proof, with a refractive index of 1.59.

They are glasses certified by the Physics Department of the University of Turin, and therefore a guarantee in terms of safety. The frame is designed to be resistant but it is very light, so as to be as less invasive as possible.

They are anti-blue light glasses that focus a lot on the user’s comfort, using an extremely light frame, being in carbon fiber, and are ideal for those who are not used to wearing lenses during the day.

The size is standard, and the temples are slightly flexible to fit any type of face. The relief they provide is immediate. They are specially designed to relieve fatigue, headaches, and red eyes. They are also valid as rest glasses.

It is possible to buy the model with neutral or graduated lenses for presbyopia, choosing a level of visual correction ranging from +1 to +3. The lenses are slightly amber, which is the characteristic of the blue light filter.

These anti-blue light smart working glasses are CE and FDA certified and therefore recognized by the bodies. Valid as leisure glasses, with a modern and colorful design, they are perfect both for those who need a shade and for those looking for neutral lenses.

True, they are a little more expensive than average, but it is a 100% Italian registered brand that offers really good quality PC glasses.

Pixel Kura – Lens Vogue – Price: 44.90 euros

9. NoWave – Light-rimmed glasses

nowave light rimmed glasses
Nowave Light Rimmed Glasses

Nowave is a leading Italian company in the anti-blue light eyewear sector.

In this case, we are talking about glasses capable of blocking blue light up to 40% and with 100% UV blocking.

The lenses include the latest generation HMC reflex treatment (one of the best treatments in the world), as well as anti-scratch, anti-glare treatment (also suitable for night driving), and surface treatment to clean the lenses easily and without leaving traces.

Note of merit goes objectively to the design. It is an ultra-light and very professional frame, absolutely unisex. The design is studied in detail, from the shape to the positioning of the logos.

Finally, the fact that they are shock and traction proof is excellent. The materials of these PC glasses offer shock resistance and traction making them among the best to stand the test of time.

Overall, undoubtedly among the best made in Italy glasses in this sector.

NoWave – Light frame glasses – Price:44.90 euro

Frequent questions

➤ How do blue light glasses work?

The anti-blue light PC glasses are glasses with lenses treated by filters capable of effectively blocking the transmission of non-visible wavelengths, emitted by electronic devices. These glasses are often treated to prevent glare, UV rays, and glare, making the viewing experience less stressful for the eyes.

➤ What are the blue light glasses used for?

Blue light blocking glasses have lenses specially made to block or filter the blue light emitted by digital screens. The lenses help protect the eyes from glare, dryness, and stress. Melatonin levels also increase, which is thought to promote sleep in those people who use electronic devices just before bed.

➤ Do PC glasses really help?

There are several studies that certify how filters applied to anti-blue light lenses can reduce eye stress levels. One of the most important was carried out by the University of Houston in 2017 and showed that participants using anti-blue light lenses had an increase of about 58% in their nocturnal melatonin levels, thus promoting rest.

➤ What are the best anti-blue light glasses for PC or electronic devices?

Among the most recognized brands in Italy, we undoubtedly find Nowave, which offers anti-blue light and anti-UV glasses. Alternatively, Klim Optics, which designs and manufactures in Germany, is well known and appreciated.

➤ Do you recommend anti-blue light glasses?

I recommend anti-blue light computer glasses for sure if we spend more than 4 hours a day in front of the PC. I do not consider them essential for the use of the smartphone. Still, suppose we suffer from dryness or eyestrain after using an electronic device (as well as focusing problems after working on the PC). In that case, I can assure you that anti-blue light glasses they can make a real difference.

➤ Is there an adaptation period in the use of blue light glasses?

Yes, indeed, the first few times you wear computer glasses, you may not feel comfortable. Give the glasses an adaptation period of at least 1 week, using them when you are several hours in front of an electronic device (typically a PC). In this period of time, you should notice significant improvements related to less eye strain.

So here are the best anti-blue light glasses, both for PC and for any monitor.

As always, I remain available in the comments below.

Until next time!