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Rooting an Android phone has become a lot easier because of the Free best Rooting apps. There are 10 plus rooting apps are available on the internet to test and try, but sadly not all of them are well capable of rooting an Android phone. And I have spotted the 5 Best Rooting Apps that work great. And it will definitely be going to work for you too. And the best part is you don’t need a PC or Laptop support to root your Android. Because these apps directly root Android without taking the support of a computer or Laptop.

So, basically, in this article, I will show you 5 working rooting apps that are well capable of rooting an Android phone. And their support quality is just excellent means if the rooting process goes wrong, you can reverse back. Sometimes, phones get rooted successfully, but after sometimes of usage, it starts hanging and crashes a lot when any app opens.


So, in case if this type of situation happens with you after Rooting, then you can easily unroot your Android phone. Rooting apps like KingRoot and dr.fone have an unrooting feature. So, let’s start this article with an explanation of Rooting Apps.

What are Rooting Apps?

Rooting Apps basically called advanced apps, which help to unlock root privilege in Android phones. These apps also called tough apps for Android because it forces Android to unlock the advanced powers. And rooting apps for Android have one big advantage; you can easily root your Android safely.

And if the Android phone is tougher than the Rooting apps, then the app surrenders itself and doesn’t force Android too much to get rooted. And you can easily understand if an Android is rootable or not. When an Android is taking soo many reboots during the rooting process, then it a sign that Android is either Non-rootable or the rooting app is not compatible. Today’s Rooting apps like King Root have become very smart; it leaves the rooting when it finds Android is tough to root.

So, now you know whats rooting apps are and what they can do in Android. Let me show the top 5 best rooting apps for Android that you can try right now. There are tons of Rooting Apps are available on the Internet, and among them, I spotted the 5, which works 90% of the time and are safe to root with.

5 Best Rooting Apps for Android 2019

These 5 Rooting Apps are well compatible with the latest and old Android phones. If you have an old Android phone and you are trying to root it but failed badly many times in the back period. Then I suggest you try these 5 Best Rooting apps to root your Android phone; whether it’s old or the latest, it will work. So, here are the 5 Best Rooting Apps for Android:

1. KingRoot

Best Rooting Apps

King Root is the one I prefer the most to anybody who wants to Root their Android phone safely. Because this one is the most compatible Rooting app that available for free on the Internet. And the best thing or quality is that it can root any Android phone; it doesn’t matter whether a phone has a running old version of Android or the latest. King Root can root Android in one click; you need to install it on your Android and tap on the Root button to start the rooting process. The rooting process automatically scans the Android, installs the ADB driver, and starts the rooting process. And once rooting get complete, King Root forces Android to reboot to let it Opt the root privilege easily.

So, if you have already failed many times in rooting your Android phone, then I highly recommend trying King Root and test your luck. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the official Google Play Store because it is a little harmful. But you can download King Root from the official website; you should only download it from there for the latest versions and updates.

2. dr. fone

The second most trusted and powerful rooting tool is dr.fone. It is the type of all-in-one tool for Android. With this, you can recover deleted photos and files, Transfer files wirelessly, make a full Backup of Android and obviously Root your Android phone. The dr.fone app is elementary and available on the official Google Play Store to download and install on the Android phone. To start rooting your Android with dr.fone, open it up after installing and select the Root tab and wait for it to scan your Android phone. Once scanned, you need to tap on the Root button and wait for it to start the rooting process. When the rooting process complete, your Android will reboot automatically with Root active.

Dr.fone can effectively root any Android phone without harming the Android because it’s created by a reputed company called Wondershare. It has millions of users worldwide and getting tons of thanks messages for launching dr.fone. Download dr.fone from Play Store.

3. iRoot

Another one-click root app that famous for its quality of Rooting Android phone. And it’s very similar to the King Root app. But it provides some extra cool features that King Root doesn’t provide, like blocking ads on apps and while you play free games, Flash Custom ROM and Kerner, Uninstall Pre-installed apps, Boost Android performance with One Cleaner, and more. And rooting your Android with this is just simple; you need to install the Android app from its official website, press the scan button and then start the Rooting Process.


You can use iRoot as an alternative to King Root to Root Android phone. Overall, iRoot is one of the best rooting apps for Android, and it’s totally safe to use for most devices. Download iRoot from the official website.

4. Root Genius

Root Genius is totally underestimated because it hasn’t released the updates quite a few times. But it’s the best Android tool for rooting the Android KitKat version all the time. I remembered that I rooted my first Android KitKat Android phone with Root Genius and got the result rooted on the first try. And from that time, I got to know the power of Root Genius. It can literally root any device with an Android KitKat running version because it is only made for that.

Root Genius has two versions English and Chinese. You can download any one who is understandable for you. And the rooting process is not so complex; download and install the app on your Android, press the root button, and it will take care of the best part. Once rooted, the device will reboot, and you will see root status active. Download Root Genius from the Official Website.

5. Framaroot

Best Rooting Apps

Framaroot is also very well known for rooting Android devices that have running Android lollipops, at least. But the process of rooting with Framaroot is super complex, and it’s not like King Root or iRoot that scans the Android put the root process button. To Root with Framaroot, first, you need to download and install the app on your Android. After installing, open it up, and it will show two things either it will show available exploit, or it will show an error that your Android is not rootable with the Framaroot. If the exploit is available, then tap on SuperSu and install it. After successfully installing, reboot your Android and open the SuperSu app. After opening, you will see an update binary option, update that and enjoy the full root access on your Android.

Framaroot is mostly compatible with Android lollipop Android devices. So, I highly recommend using this for rooting your Android lollipop with Framaroot. You can download and install Framaroot from the official website.


Above, I listed the top 5 best Rooting apps that are well known for their capabilities and quality. You can pick anyone you like and process the Rooting to your Android phone. Root Genius and Framaroot is specifically built for a particular Android version. And so, if you have Android KitKat or Lollipop on your Android, then you can take advantage of the two rooting apps. Otherwise, go undoubtedly with KingRoot and iRoot because they are kind of all-rounder and the most popular Rooting apps of all the time.

In the rooting process with any app, Android’s Rebooting is normal, and don’t panic or think negatively about your Android phone like phones dying. It’s normal when the phone automatically reboots during the rooting process. And after your phone reboot, you need to check the root status of your Android phone. You can check your phone root status using Root checker to confirm your Android phone is rooted or not. Root checker is available on the official Google Play Store; download and install it from there and check the root status.

Hopefully, you liked this article and got rooted in your phone with the best rooting apps for Android. If so, I just appreciate it if you share this article with your friends. You can also comment below if you have any questions regarding this article. I’ll see you in the next similar one. See yaa!

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