Top 5 Best Game Boosters for PC that Enhances Gaming Performance


Best Game Boosters are the essential tools for Gaming PC because they allow you to Boost Gaming Performance. Most PC Owners these days face a lot of Lag, Glitches, Hangs, and stuff like that when they Play Games on their Machine. Well, these problems can be solved instantly if Gamers adopt the best Game Booster for their PC. However, Best Game boosters are built to maximizing Windows PC performance. They boost everything that causes low performance while Gaming. So, mainly in this article, I will show you the top 5 Best Game Boosters for your PC, which will speed up PC while Gaming. So, let’s get started.

But before getting those top game boosters, knowing them actually can help you a lot. So, first, let me explain the Game Booster.


What is a Game Booster?

Game Boosters are common software that is specifically built for Enhancing the Gaming Performance of PC. They enhance Gaming Performance by fixing problems that are causing slow-performance in PC.

Boosters analyses things on PC like Processes, Services, RAM Usage, Background Application, etc. And If anyone found it useless to be Running on PC by boosters, they end it and let PC take breath easily.

In that way, the PC’s Performance kicked and Improved the Gaming.

Is Game Boosters are the only way to Boost the Gaming Performance of PC?

No! You can also manually boost the Gaming Performance of your PC. Some optimization tricks reduce the Function of Windows, which results in free RAM, Processors, Service, and ultimately improve the Performance.

But yes, you can instantly boost the Gaming Performance of Your PC using Game Boosters. They scan every Glitch of a PC, and then in one click, it gets fixed.

In the end, Game boosters are not the only way to Boost the Performance of Gaming on PC. You can also improve performance by customizing things on Windows manually. But also, to fix glitches fast on PC, Game Boosters are the best option.

Now, let me show you those best game boosters for PC so that you can improve your PC’s gaming performance right now.

Top 5 Best Game Boosters for PC 2018

Here is the tested and best Game Boosters for your PC to Enhance the Gaming Performance instantly:

1. Razer Cortex

Best Game Booster for PC

All in one PC optimization software and Game Booster. Razer cortex has tons of features that help PC to Improve Gaming Performance. It improves the PC’s performance by closing useless processes, services, Background Softwares that are running for no reason. And by ending them, RAM and CPU usage reduces, which gives juice to the PC while Playing the Game.

Razer cortex works amazingly in High or decent end PC. Like PC’s of 21st Century. Moreover, the theme color combination it uses is Black and Green that looks like Real Life Saver. Now, let me show you some Awesome Features of the Razer Cortex Game Booster.

Features of Razer Cortex:

  1. Diagnoses and Solve. Razer cortex analyses everything in PC that lowering the Performance of Gaming. And by one tap, you can solve it and boost the Gaming Performance.
  2. Tweak, defrag and update Driver. Razer can Tweak any PC, Defrag Hard Drive, and Update Driver. Tweaking and Defragment helps the Game to Run Faster and Smoother. And Updating Drivers can help the PC to support the High-end Games Better.
  3. Screen Casting and Video Recording. Razer Cortex is now able to Record Video, Screen Casting, etc. In Video Recording, you can record GamePlay in HD quality, and the recorder is customized not to spoil gaming. Similarly, screencasting helps you take a screenshot of Games in HD quality, and it also shows FPS on the top left side. Knowing the Current FPS while Gaming can also help you understand the Game’s Performance running on your PC. And then you can do customization to improve FPS; gaming performance.

These are some cool features and functions that Razer cortex Game Booster has. There is also some common feature it has but not that much advanced, so I’m not listed. Please try this Game Booster by yourself from the below link.

Download Razer Cortex Game Booster

2. Wise Game Booster

Best Game Booster for PC

The best Lightweight Game Booster for PC and Laptops. Wise Game Booster is Powered By, a company that built utilities for Windows PC. The latest version of Wise Game is super lite and didn’t give too much stress to PC because all the components that are added to it during its development are super optimized.

Wise Game booster boosts PC performance instantly. It analyses the various things that lower the Performance and boost it with one Tap. The best parWise Game booster’s best part isn’t to run in the Background like Razer Cortex. Now, let me show you some of its cool features.

Features of Wise Game Booster:

  1. Add Your Game and Play instantly with a Quick Boost. Wise Game Booster has a feature that allows adding any Game available on PC. And then, in one tap, you can boost your PC and start the Game with Performance.
  2. Service Optimizer, System Optimizer, and Processes Optimizer. These three features are the best in Wise Game Booster. Because they actually help you to boost your PC Performance in Real. However, using these features, you can control the Backside of your PC like Task Manager.
  3. System Performance Indicator and One Tap to Boost. The only feature that you need to know to Boost PC performance using Wise Game Booster. Once you start the Game Booster, it will automatically scan your PC and represents the Status. And In one click you can solve everything wrong on your PC.

These are the main features that I find useful to write. Overall, Wise Game Booster is a Very Good game Booster for PC. And the best part is it’s super lite that needs fewer resources.

Download Wise Game Booster

3. EZ Game Booster

Best Game Booster for PC

Another lightweight Game Booster specifically built to handle Background things of PC like processes, RAM usage, Applications, etc. EZ game Booster is lite but still has tons of features for Boosting Gaming Performance of PC. EZ is available in three types, Free Version, Pro Version Gold, Pro version Platinum. The Free version of the EZ Game booster is contained basic features and functionalities like Background Optimization, Processes analyzer, etc. And in the Gold and Platinum version, features have expanded, which also cost money.


I always recommend using the Free version because with the Basic version, you can optimize at the level you need for Improving your Gaming Performance. But if you want beyond then, the Gold and Platinum version is perfect for you.

Now let me show you some of its cool features so you can get little insights about it.

Features of EZ Game Booster:

  1. Control Panel for Instant Boosting. EZ Game Booster contains a quick control panel, and from there, you can boost things like Network Tweaks, Speed Tweaks, stability Tweaks. Even more its has one tap to Optimize everything feature, which is very useful for Gamers.
  2. Tweaks. In this tab, you will find tons of options to Tweak your Windows PC performance. The tab basically contained Stability Tweaks, Network Tweaks, Speed Tweaks, etc. All the sections have tons of Optimization options. And through accessing the full level of this feature, you can boost your PC performance in Real.
  3. Defrag Game. With this feature, you can defrag Games available on your PC. Defragment basically speed up the loading of Game And programs that improve the performance of your Gaming. In the Defrag Game Tab, just browser the game you want to improve and add it. In seconds the process of Defragment will start and boosts automatically to load it faster on your PC.
  4. Window Tools. While Gaming on Your PC, you can use advanced EZ Game booster tools to increase the level of Experience. To enable the tools, go to the Window tools tab in EZ game Booster and then enable the feature you want.

So, these are some cool features that EZ offers in Free Version. I recommend trying the free version first and later; if you like or you feel comfortable with it, you can go for the Gold and Platinum Version.

Download EZ Game Booster

4. Superb Game Boost

Best Game Booster for PC

I think the Name of this Game Booster is enough for knowing its ability “Superb.” Right? Well, let be practical for now and explore it. Superb Game Booster is very Simple to Navigate and Boost PC Performance. However, it has a few but Powerful Features that enhance PC performance instantly.

Actually, let me show its awesome quality features so you can get quick insights about it.

Features of Superb Game Boost:

  1. Add Game and Play instantly with a Quick Boost. Superb Game Boost allows to Add Games directly to its quick Game Play section. From there, you can quickly play your added game with a Boost.
  2. Fan Display Monitor. You can see the health of your PC Fan live. Fan Display Monitor is Feature in Superb Game Boost that shows the live details about the Fan. Knowing the Fan details will make you aware of the load on it.
  3. Take Screen Shots. Love taking the action screenshots? If so, then Superb Game Boost will help you there. It has an inbuilt Screenshot maker which also takes pictures in High-quality.

Superb Game Boost has limited features but quality features. I highly recommend trying it if you are looking for Best lite Game Booster for your PC.

Download Superb Game Boost

5. Game Fire 6

Best Game Booster for PC

Game Fire 6 is the Ultimate Game Booster for PC that has huge potential to Boost the Gaming Performance of Any PC. It contains numerous amount of advanced features that are eligible to Boost any Low-end PC. Game Booster should be lite and Feature-rich like Game Fire 6. And yes, you can say that Game Fire 6 is the Best Game Booster of all the time for PC.

The Game Fire 6 is a Part of that has other software too for enhancing the speed and performance of PC. And the Best part is. Game fire is available for Free and Pro. The pro version has more features and the capability to Boost the Gaming Performance of PC. But the Free Version is also a true Game Booster.

Now, let me show you the cool features of the Game Fire 6 free Version.

Features of Game Fire 6:

  1. Reduce load on System Resource. Game Fire 6 has a good amount of Features that help to reduce the load on the PC. Features like Services Closer, Processes Optimizer, Application closer, etc.
  2. Achieve the High Performance in your Game. Game Fire 6 has tons of features to enhance the Game Quality on PC, like Game Manager, Customizable Optimization, Safe Optimization, and more.
  3. One-Click to Tweak System. It scans all the things that lowering down the PC performance and fixes with one tap.
  4. Real-Time Performance Optimization. Game Fire 6 is not like others that show the fake report; the PC is fully optimized. It represents the Real state of PC and helps to Fix it with its tons of Features.

Game Fire 6 is a killing Game Booster that you must try if you really want to enjoy high-quality games on your PC without any lag. Below is a Download link to this Game Booster. Just try it once, and I’m sure that you will become a daily user of it.

Download Game Fire 6


A Gamer’s life is full of Struggle, and the only way to fix it is to spend some huge amount of money for a New Gig.

But still, there are some things that under our Control, like customizing and fixing PC issues. The best way to Fix issues on PC is to use Game Boosters.

We selected the top 5 game boosters for PC that are well working in Enhancing Performance. Just adopt anyone, and you will be free of Lags and hangs.

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